Accessories That Supercharge your iPhone Camera

Accessories That Supercharge your iPhone Camera

Computers come with mice. TVs are paired with remotes. It’s about time to supplement your iPhone with the latest camera peripherals. 

With these quality iPhone accessories, you can kill two birds with one stone by enhancing photo/video recording capabilities AND stylizing your phone with gear reminiscent of the recent Batman movies. At the expense of extra mass and a few minutes of setup time at most, the ends will certainly justify the means. Li Huang of Fueled, a premiere AppleWatch app development agency provides five optic accessories that will give your phone a most captivating sidekick.

Joby GripTight Gorillapod Stand

Can’t get a grip on life? Go primate. Get up. Beat your chest. Then get yourself a Joby Gorillapod Stand for your phone. The name might sound intimidating but you’ll only be startled by how efficient the product is. Similar to the standard tripod, Joby’s line features a stand that has 3 legs. What sets it aside from other tripods is that it has over 24 leg joints. These joints are as flexible as an Olympic acrobat, allowing users to shoot from many hard-to-capture angles. But there’s more. While the Gorillapod Stand is holding your phone firmly, its internal steel springs allow for mount expansion. A quick-release mechanism on the mount serves as a blessing for newbies by providing an instant setup. This product utilizes the industry-standard universal tripod screw, so it can adapt to many leg-minded cameras. The smartphone adapter has a modest support range, making it compatible with phones 2.1-2.8” in width, including casing. Like other tripods, this item can be folded up. At only 9.1” in height and 11.5 ounces, this stand is very travel friendly. Last but not least, what gives this gorilla its fearsome appeal and justifies the “GripTight” title is the rubber footing which allows its tamer to watch and record videos with the smoothest experience possible.

Doctor Evil has a mini-me. 1-liter soda bottles are the mini-me of 2-liter bottles. Heck, there are even mini Oreos. So why shouldn’t your iPhone have a miniature counterpart? Introducing Nova. Super small and slim, you might mistake it for 1 of 52 in a deck of cards or attempt to swipe it at the checkout line after you fumble through your wallet. That is, until you hold it up on a sunny day. The gleam will give it away. Nova is a super powered device in sleek and compact form that takes amazing photos wirelessly with a flash of approval. If you’re passionate about capturing your best memories in the best light, Nova will not let you down. It is backed by 40 different points of diffused light. Photos taken by this product are as stunning as the background permits it and then some. Nova enriches your photos by injecting soft, natural light. It also auto-adjusts warm and cool light to make the climate more engaging to the viewer. All the light is filtered through a white panel to make it easier on the eyes. If you’re an iPhone owner who’s had bad experiences with taking photos with your phone and/or you don’t rely on the iPhone camera, then Nova would definitely be an option worth checking out. Many people think that the miniature version of anything is usually something that is inferior or lacking in texture to the original. Own an iPhone? Order a Nova and see that it’s breaking boundaries and stereotypes at the same time.


If one you’re that has difficulty mastering a smooth timelapse video AND are looking for a  quality mount for your phone, look no further. The Camalapse gives users the perfect flat edge mount but also features a rotating stand for those who want to capture flawless 360 degree timelapse videos. Attach your phone to Camalapse and let it work its magic. Like a dial timer, just point your lens in the desired position. To begin recording, twist the Camalapse and start your camera. A 90 degree rotation would take 15 minutes to complete, so naturally a full circle would take an hour to cycle. What goes around comes around may ring true in other facets of life, but it definitely resonates with the Camlapse. The starting angle of your camera should be where the video recording starts—and finishes—making it come full circle. Best of all, you can also attach the product to any tripod and its small size makes it very travel-efficient. No, it won’t be like the spinning head from those Exorcist movies, but if you get yourself one of these, you’ll be sure to remember it for a long time.

Mpow 3 in 1 Clip-on Lens
Many things come in trios. The 3 Stooges. The 3 Amigos. Now camera lenses??? The Mpow 3 in 1 Clip-on Lens come with Mobile Fisheye Lens, macro lens, and wide angle lens. “Yea, they’re just lenses” you think. Indeed individually they would “just be lenses,” but the power of 3 compels all mobile users who have a knack for exploring the limits of smartphone visuals to have plenty of options.

Ever wonder how animal of prey perceive the world? With eyes situated on the sides of their head, it is an intriguing thought indeed. Fathom no more. The Supreme Fisheye provides users with 180 degree vision so when they clip the lens onto their phones, they are able to see everything on a linear plane that ranges from the direct left of the lens to the direct right of it. Furthermore, there is no Dark Circle accompanying the Fisheye Lens, so users get a full, pure view of nature’s beauty. This should be enough to spark the imagination of the visually weary yet satiate the curiosity of wayward thinkers. Want to capture a shot of that pillow feather that’s slowly drifting in the air? Or maybe a celebrity’s face from afar? Mpow has a remedy for your needs. Its 10X macro lens allow for clarity captures of the smallest objects from decent proximity. “The more the merrier” is a phrase that many want to incorporate with friends and family, even when taking photos. If you happen to be with a large group of people and want to capture a moment by stuffing as many in the photo oven at the same time as possible, 0.67X wide angle lens should fit comfortably onto your phone. But wide angle lens can serve its functions just as well when taking shots of buildings and landscapes.
So what is the glue or common thread that holds the three lenses together? The Mpow 3 in 1 comes with a universal detachable clamp design that adheres to most mobile phones, so long as their cameras lenses are not bigger than 13mm in diameter. It’s easy to toggle and even works on tablets and laptops! Think about it this way. Your phone is a high-powered rifle. At its muzzle you can put on a silencer of your choice. These 3 lenses are each a special silencer of its own frequency, designed for its own target. Equipping this 3-pack to your phone will certainly bring new color to it, so to speak. If you are obsessed with visual variety but are not a professional photographer or just like to shop by the bundle, this triumvirate would certainly be something to keep an eye out for.

Sony QX1

Do you remember that high school jock? The star athlete who excelled academically and on the field? The most popular one who got the attention of all the girls? Yea… Meet the Sony QX1. It is the ultimate playboy of mobile camera accessories. The Sony E Lens Mount gives users open cabinet access to all sorts of interchangeable lenses, Sony and beyond. With certain adapters, you can even use A-Mount lenses. This gives users more power to carefully craft the perfect photographs. The product’s 20.1 MP APS-C sized Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processor team up to bring users the highest resolution, even in dim lighting, all with minimal noise and 16000 ISO sensitivity. When shooting in darker areas, its built-in pop-up flash will go off to illuminate the surroundings. And did I mention, this thing has its own processor?!

This perfect blend of variety  makes the QX1 stand tall above the competition. How about a speedy 25-point contrast-detection AF system? No? A smooth, consistent 3.5 fps shooting rate? No? I guess the full HD 1080p video recording function at 30fps won’t pass as well… Raw file recording is also possible, and you can save these onto microSD or Memory Stick Micro memory cards with or without delving into the advanced editing techniques. On top of that, did you know that the Sony QX1 has Wi-Fi? Near Field Communication (NFC) capability allows for one-touch connection between the camera and your phone. You can upload photos via email, social networking, and cloud. The QX1 clips onto the smartphone, but it can snap photos regardless of whether it is attached to anything.

If you’re a seasoned photographer who’s gone out without that one grand camera, the QX1 would be the proper substitute to go with your mobile. But you don’t have to be a pro to use this product. Just enthusiastic. Or willing to show off. Or both. Either way, It’ll have all your Instagram and Facebook friends wondering why their photos don’t look anywhere as good. With all the heavy duty specs that this product packs, you wouldn’t be the first to wonder how it’s just an accessory.

Whether it’s love, money, happiness, or whatever else, we all travel different roads to achieve a common goal. Much like different math teachers who teach the same curriculum, these iPhone accessories come in different sizes, shapes, and mediums  but they all direct iPhone users toward the goal of visual efficiency. The countdown is over, but hopefully the list has fostered a partnership between your iPhone and some of these superb camera accessories. Some people revamp their vehicle headlights and put bling on its wheels. Why not do the same with your phone?. Be bold and give it a kickass appeal. Any less and you won’t be doing it (or yourself) a service.

About the Author:
Li Huang, tech writer in Fueled.

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