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    Mercedes-Benz Revealed Autonomous Vehicle Concept F 015 Luxury In Motion

    Mercedes-Benz Revealed Autonomous Vehicle Concept F 015 Luxury In Motion

    This is a future technology car of future transportation with high technology. Most attractive thing in this car its luxury Interior.  F 015 Luxury in Motion a digital living space – a perfect symbiosis of the virtual and the real world. 

    Rotating chairs, high resolution touch 4K display screen which allow passengers to interact. And it can used to contact your friends, play music and browse photos and you can chat with your contact list.

    F015 body has attractive look in shape. New design seats are no hard edges as you can see in image.

    Large LED displays at the front and rear as well as a laser projection system directed toward the front are responsible for the visual part, while the acoustic communication repertoire includes both sounds and specific spoken instructions.

    The door concept that makes getting in and out especially easy, and for the communication-oriented seating featuring four lounge chairs in a face-to-face arrangement. The electric hybrid system has a total range of 1,100 kilometers, including around 200 kilometers of battery-powered driving and around 900 kilometers on the electricity from the fuel cell.

    Automobile companies are hardly research on future technology vehicle concept. But we worried about the cost of this car it might be costly rather than other cars. But while driving this car we sure that you feel like first class.


    Source: Mercedes

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