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    Dead Trigger 2 Game Will Arrive To Windows Phone Soon

    Dead Trigger 2 Game Will Arrive To Windows Phone Soon.

    Dead Trigger 2 is already have with Android and iOS platform developed by Madfinger Games. It was launched in two years back October 2013 and its best Zombie Shooting Game ever.

    Officially it does not announce launching date, but it will be arrived soon. Dead Trigger 2 is free for Android and iOS platform. So we envision to free for Windows as well.

    Dead Trigger 2 is constantly evolving and expanding. Every update features new content intended to make your game even more enjoyable.
    - Travel across 10 regions in different parts of the world.
    - Explore 33 unique environments.
    - Grab your favorite Zombie annihilator from 37 kinds of weapons.
    - Go for the action in more than 600 gameplay scenarios.

    Madfinger Games tweeted:

    "Look out of your window. Do you see them? Zombies are coming and they are really, really close to you. ;-) "

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