Ringo Easy International Calling App Review

Ringo Easy International Calling App Review. The internet has played an important role in spreading the business all over the world for each class of people. And, not only business, but now people have many international friends whom which they want to chat for hours.
The Skype is ruling this international voice and video calling genre for many years and every now and then, many apps have tried to displace it from its numerous uni position. But, all these apps had something missing or of low quality, which Skype does offer in a better way.
Still, an app which has been launched recently is making a good fight against the regime of Skype, WeChat, Line and other apps of the genre and this app is known as Ringo.
Ringo is an app which doesn't use the internet to make calls abroad, but your network provider and still, it’s cheaper than that of Skype and other same types of apps. Here is the full review of the Ringo, have a look if interested.

Ringo – Easy International Calling

Here are some of the features of the app which makes it stand out of the pool of calling apps in the market.
The app doesn’t use the internet and uses your service provider to make the calls.
As the app not using the internet, the quality of call is far much better than the other apps.
The calling rates are cheapest in the market and company claims it to 25% cheaper than any other app.
There is no call drops or interrupted voice in between the calls with the Ringo for sure. 
Unlike many apps, which ask your friends to download the same app to make a call, the Ringo is completely different. And, you can make the call to anyone.
There are no monthly bills for using the app and you need to pay only when you make calls. Now, that is something very interesting and useful I guess. Isn’t it?
The first call after downloading the Ringo app is absolutely free and you don’t need any credits at all.
You can also earn free credits by inviting your friends and your friends will earn too, if joined.

At the time, the Ringo services are available for the 16 countries, viz Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Belgium. But, the company has plans to launch its world-wide version very soon.
I know that it would be very hard to compromise for many of us to use a different app if you’re addicted to the Skype, but experimenting a little for the better result won’t do any harm. The Skype surely is a great app and that is why it’s holding the throne for such a long time, still I would suggest to use the Ringo for once as it also has some features which can outrun any of the international calling apps you’re using currently. 

Download Here – Ringo App

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