Top 7 Upcoming Future Gadgets In Technology World

Top 7 Upcoming Future Gadgets In Technology World of 2014. We have selected top technology gadgets. Watch these top 7 follow Gadgets

1. Samsung Plans To Build First Standalone Smartwatch Phone

South Korean Technology Company Samsung Plans to Build First Standalone Smart Watch phone. This Smart Watch would be able to make and receive calls without using to mobile phone. Its expecting coming on July.
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2. Microsoft Unveils 3rd Generation Surface Pro 3

Its an lighter version of its Surface Pro device. This Surface Pro 3 getting useful for business professional and thinnest Intel core product ever made according to Microsoft. Its an 12-inch display , Intel i3 Core processor and also will be available in i5 and i7 processor. Its multi position Kickstand its aiming to take on Macbook Air. Also its weight only 1.76 pounds without a keyboard.
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3. Apple Next Earphone Can Monitor Your Heart And Blood Pressure Sensor

"Apple's new EarPods will have sensors in them, for heart rate & blood pressure. Also iBeacons so they don't get lost. They will require the lightning port, it's why the audio jack was moved to the bottom."
It stores the data in a similar way to thumbprint point data, fully encrypted and nothing identifiable. But nice to send to your doctor to keep track of at which point your blood pressure started rising for example. 
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4. Sony Project Morpheus PS4 VR Headset

Sony working on Virtual reality gaming project called Morpheus. Its compatibility to PS4. Its unveiled in Game developers conference (GDC) 2014 in San Francisco. Its 1080p display with packs 90 degree of view and 360 degree of movement.

“Since the early days of video games, the industry has grown by leveraging technological advances to create new experiences for gamers,” said Sony execurity Yoshida.
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5. Introducing Coolest Gadget Guitar Wing The Wireless 3D Control Surface

Its Wireless Control Surface For your Guitar And Bass. Guitar Wings can be attached to any guitar easily and removed. It communicates with you using wireless technology.
Every Guitar Wing will include the Wing FX™ software plug-in, so you can quickly use it to control effects, pitch, filters and more. Built-in motion sensors offer users new ways to control their sound without compromising their play.

The Guitar Wing combines the latest in wireless technology, RGB LED lighting and ultra-thin pressure and touch sensitive controls, for a totally new, completely portable, and elegant design that fits almost any guitar.
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6. Touchy Feely Hearing Aid Concept

Loud noises can irritate you but this wearable gadget can help to feel different. Touchy Feely Hearing Aid Concept aims to achieve tactile communication by means of electrode arrays that simulates the feeling of touch on the wrist. This gadget included with Metal Bluetooth antenna, OLED Glass, Electrode plate and Soft Silicon.  The designers are confident that human brain could decipher these tactile inputs into speech patterns. 
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7. Rhino Shield to protect your iPhone screen by scratch

As you can see in video Rhino shield is so effective. This protect shield is providing number of layer are scratch resistance layer, impact diversion layer, impact damping layer, High strength layer.
The Scratchproof layer provides a hardness of 3H. This effectively protects your touch screen from keys, coins, pens, and even your cat. Oleophobic coating technology keeps the Rhino Shield free from fingerprint smudges whistle being smooth to touch. 
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