Rhino Shield: To Protect Your iPhone Screen By Scratch

Are your iPhone screen break by fall now here is solution for you. Rhino Shield to protect your iPhone screen by scratch. As you can see in video Rhino shield is so effective.

This protect shield is providing number of layer are scretch resistance layer, impact dipersion layer, impact damping layer, High strength layer.

The Scratchproof layer provides a hardness of 3H. This effectively protects your touch screen from keys, coins, pens, and even your cat. Oleophobic coating technology keeps the Rhino Shield free from fingerprint smudges whilste being smooth to touch. 

Its High transparency, yet, only 0.029 cm thick. Special coating technology provides strong hardness of up to 3H thereby preventing direct scratch damage to your screen. 

This project has made by two student of Evolutive Labs, also this project is running on Kickstarter.

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