What To Expect From The New Nexus 5?

The latest version of the Google Nexus, the Nexus 5, is set to release soon a midst the usual buzz that surrounds Google’s flagship devices. While the release date isn't announced as yet, there are always a few expectations that form the roots of all the speculation that surrounds the coming of a Nexus. This includes the operating system, which is upgraded in tandem with each Nexus release. In this Nexus 5 review, we separate the speculation from what’s reasonable and tell you exactly what you can expect from the upcoming smartphone.

What’s The ‘Nexus’ About?
The Nexus is Google’s very own Android device that sets a standard for smartphones from other manufacturers. But why do Android lovers throng to purchase these devices? Nexus phones have the bare-bones versions of their respective OSs. That means that whether the device runs on Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean, you get the untouched version of the OS, and immediate updates.
Google works with different manufacturers for hardware components, as they’re primarily a software brand. And due to the manufacturing partnerships being with known brands like LG, this offers a lot of credibility to the hardware aspects of these phones as well.  Last year Google also launched the nexus experiences devices with HTC and Samsung which run on stronger hardware. Read about the Nexus experience devices here.

Here Are Some Specifics
While nothing is official as yet, most rumours and supposed leaks have been in agreement of a few finer details. The Nexus 5 is touted to have a 5.2 inch touch screen with an OLED display, a first in the market.  The model is Full HD and has a resolution of 1920x1080. Also, the smartphone is rumored to have a processor belonging to the Snapdragon 800 series.
The device will most likely have a quad core processor, which clocks out at 2.3 GHz and there is still debate on whether the device will have 2GB or 3GB of virtual memory. It’s also almost certain that there will be a range of devices with different internal memories of 16GB, 32GB and maybe even 64GB. There is an 1.3 megapixel front camera paired with an 8 megapixel primary camera that has an optical image stabilization feature. But the fact remains that it’s difficult to speculate on the in-depth specifications of the camera.
Another rumour surrounding the phone is that the camera will synchronize with the GPS system, the array of sensors as well as weather and other location-specific information to deliver completely optimized images. It’s too early to say whether this is true or not, but the technology required to pull this off definitely exists.

Defining The Design
The Nexus 5s design has only been hinted at through leaked images and speculation. While no data exists on the materials used, the form factor can easily be extrapolated from the 5.2 inch screen size. It’ll be just a little larger than the Samsung Galaxy S4, in terms of overall size.
Another design element that can be reasonably expected from the device is the lack of hardware keys on the front part of the phone. The most recent Nexus, the Nexus 4, did not have hardware keys either and instead offered touch keys for even its most basic functions.

Have An Android Kit Kat
The operating system is sure to be Android’s upcoming Kit Kat OS, but the specifications and exact details of this operating system are unknown. But with Google’s recent track record in mind, it’s be safe to say that all aspects – including interface, performance and design – will be vastly improved upon.

What Does This Mean For Your Wallet?
As mentioned earlier in our Nexus 5 review, the smartphone will be available at three different rates based on the physical memory capacity. Screenshots have been taken of the accidental unveiling of the Nexus 5 smartphone on the Google Play Store.
If the above image is to be believed, the lowest memory version of the Nexus 5 (presumably the 16 GB one) will be available for $349, similar to the Nexus 4 before its price cut.
While there hasn’t been an official statement from Google, the Nexus 5 is likely to be a surprise launch at one of Google’s upcoming conferences. Many rumours have slated the release to take place on the 1st of November, 2013. The few specifications that we’ve so far speculated on are enough to give us a fair idea of what we can expect from the Nexus 5.

Image Source: evleaks

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