Reasons Why Google Nexus 6 is a Dream Phone

Reasons Why Google Nexus 6 is a Dream Phone. The Google Nexus devices are the best android phones in the world which provide the much needed options to the customers other that Samsung.
Other companies like Sony and HTC are also good, but they don’t have the trust of Google or brand value of Samsung. The Nexus phones have always lured the buyers because of their latest android of course, classic style and looks, compact features and many more.
These days the upcoming Nexus 6 is becoming the choice of people’s anticipation despite the Samsung Galaxy S5’s success. The Galaxy S5 has everything in it which has already made it a hit in the market.

 The Nexus 6 now not only has to fight with its success, but with the likes of Apple’ iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 4 and another yet to come smartphones as well. The Google also has taken this challenge seriously and working very hard on the Nexus 6 prior to its launch in September according to the reports.
The Nexus 6 market leaks have suggested us that the phone will be entirely different from its predecessors and other phones with some high end specifications and features.
The Google Nexus 6 will have the best camera ever featured in a smartphone with 16-20 MP power and options which will drive you crazy while you’re about to catch your memories.
The ultra fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa core 64-Bit processor with 4 GB RAM will take the Nexus 6 right at the top of the superfast smartphones, which is currently ruled by Samsung’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.
The android version 4.5 Lollypop or 5.0 Lion Bar is ready to give the bitter taste to the launchers as they will provide the features which you haven’t thought of yet and was getting only from the use of launchers.
The battery which Nexus 6 is supposed to feature will completely change the trend of powerhouses for the smartphones as it’ll have the 3200+ mAh battery according to the reports leaked. This battery will provide the permanent solution to the issues of useless battery drainage and half day supply.

The display arena, which is also ruled by Samsung currently may get shifted towards the Google after the launch of Nexus 6 as the phone will feature a completely HD 2k curved display with the whooping screen resolution of 1440x2550 pixels and over 480 PPI density.
The Nexus 6 will surely dominate the world of smartphone with all the above features leaked by the internal market reports, but the time of launch will be very crucial and we are not sure about nexus 6 release date.
The Google has to plan very smartly for the launching date as the Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 are also in the queue do retain their supreme position in the market.

Wrap Up
The Google Nexus 6, if comes with all the above features, then it’ll surely ruin the plans of Samsung to rule the world with monopoly. The current picture suggests that the Google will gulp the large portion of the market and will provide the toughest challenge for all the other companies like Apple, HTC and Sony.     

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