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Improve Your Website SEO Rankings In 5 Minutes

Your search engine rankings are very precious and it will often take weeks for your website to gain more exposure. At the same time, there are many things that you can do in a matter of minutes to expedite this procedure. Be sure to use these guidelines with your website to get the highest rankings that you can with your existing content.

Reduce Keyword Usage
If you are like most website owners, especially new ones, then you have probably used your keywords too often. Many guides tell you to say the keyword as many times as possible throughout the article, but this is old information. Google is now very particular about keyword usage.
You can quickly improve your rankings by reducing keyword usage to about one percent. If you have a 500-word article, then just repeat the keyword about four or five times.

Internal Linking
Internal linking doesn’t just keep people on your website. This will also improve your website’s ability to rank. Google and all other search engines rank pages, not websites. Linking from one page to another is the same as building a backlink. Each of these links will improve that page’s power.
This can take a long time, but there are many WordPress modules that make the job much easier.

Social Media
This is another backlink goldmine that many people aren’t using. Google now counts social media links, which means that just posting your website on Facebook or Twitter can dramatically improve your rankings. It’s best to get your friends and followers to share the link for more exposure, but just adding it to a social network will help your rankings.

Proper Meta Information
Meta information was incredibly popular during the beginning of the Internet, but it can still help your rankings if used properly. You must have a meta title, description and keywords listing for your website. All of the meta information should be relevant for your page.

If you fail to place your keyword in the meta information, then you are missing a huge opportunity to quickly improve your SEO. You should also put the keyword in your domain’s title for better rankings.

On-Page Formatting
Your article’s formatting can also affect your rankings. Be sure to use the keyword in a header like H1, H2 or H3. It’s also been proven that Google loves seeing keywords in bold and italics. You should write the keyword in the beginning, middle and end of the article so that Google will easily recognize it.

Don’t overdo the formatting. Using some good headers and bolding some text should be fine. Going too far will make your website look terrible and it can hurt your rankings.

There are many things that you can do to quickly improve your search engine rankings. While it might take days or weeks for the search engines to reflect the difference, the truth is that making changes today will help your business get more organic traffic and exposure in the near future.

About The Author:
This article has written by Andy G from driver download website.

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