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    BlueNEXT BN1000 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Review

    BlueNEXT BN1000 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. Take control over your device wireless with this BlueNEXT mini keyboard. This device has QWERTY keyboard which makes typing more easy. Just turn on your mobile Bluetooth device and use keyboard for typing.
    Its friendly working with my Samsung Galaxy Grand and easy to use look very smart little gadget.

    Why Buy?
        1. Ultra-portable full QWERTY keyboard
        2. Built-in rechargeable battery
        3. Dedicated multimedia hotkeys
        4. Compatible with a variety of operating systems including iOS

    Ultra-portable full-QWERTY keyboard
    At only 11.4cm across, and weighing less than 50g, this Bluetooth keyboard is truly the go-anywhere alternative to the iPhone's native on-screen keyboard. With all the keys you'd expect, and some you wouldn't, the mini Bluetooth multimedia keyboard transforms data entry on your iPhone into a fluid, even enjoyable experience.

    Built-in rechargeable battery
    This keyboard features a built-in rechargeable battery, which is charged over USB using the supplied cable.

    Dedicated multimedia hotkeys
    Taking advantage of the new Bluetooth keyboard compatibility features of iOS 4, this keyboard has a range of dedicated multimedia controls to make watching movies and listening to music simple. Also being compatible with Windows and Mac, it is also possible to use these keys to control your computer. 

    Compatible with a variety of operating systems including iOS

    One of the new features of the latest iPhone and iPod operating system version is the built-in support for Bluetooth keyboards. This means the keyboard works with all versions of Apple handsets upgraded to iOS 4, as well as the iPad. This keyboard is also compatible with your Playstation 3, Nokia phone with Symbian 60, PC and Mac. 

    Its has been designed with regular keyboard functions giving a better flow of typing over touch screens.  We reviewed this keyboard.. and its so comfortable to use. You can buy this mini Bluetooth keyboard from MobileFun.

    Also we recommended for watch iPad mini accessories collection.

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