Ghost Train: The Full Of Funny Game Coming On 27th June

Ghost Train, its an underworld train full of funny, spooky, little ghosts waiting to be brought to their assigned destinations. Ghost Train is the new side scrolling building simulation adventure game. This game is available from June 27th 2013 for iPad and iPhone, only on the App Store. This game is developed by Goodbeans company.

Highlights of “Ghost Train”:
  •     Bring every ghost to their assigned destinations and collect Souls Sparks
  •     Over 10,000 unique ghost characters
  •     Build more than 50 types of wagons
  •     Upgrade your engine to the ultimate Ghost Train
  •     Unlock new travel destinations
  •     Enjoy stunning graphics and a fantastic gameplay
Ghost Train will be released worldwide into 10 languages and can be downloaded for FREE starting with June the 27th. 


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