Samsung Apologizes For Hydrofluoric Acid leak Incident

Samsung Official has said on Sunday for problems caused by Hydrofluoric Acid leakage upt 60 Km south of Seoul at the company's chip plant on 28 january, vowing to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents. This acid is dangerous and  can damage the lungs, bones and nervous system. One worker was killed and four are injured on that day. Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun said in a statement that as a token of apology, his company plans to revoke its application to have its Hwaseong plants certified as "green" operations for another five years. "We plan to overhaul the system in a bid to better make environmentally-friendly workplaces," Kwon said, adding that the company will make efforts to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents. 

Energy Korea blog said, "According to police, employees at the plant in Hwaseong found signs of a glitch at its Line 11 at around 13:30 p.m. on January 27 when the alarm sensor signalled that there was a problem in the supply device of ‘hydrogen fluoride diluent’, a 50% concentration of hydrofluoric acid, in the central supply facility of chemical substances located outside the production line.
The police presumed that hydrofluoric acid had leaked because the gasket of valve pipe connecting the production line with the 500ℓ hydrofluoric acid storage tank was worn out. They also presumed that about 2~10ℓ of hydrogen fluoride diluent had leaked."

Police investigation is still on for how much gas was released and who involved in it.

Source: Yonhap news 
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