8 Sports Apps All Sports Fans Should Have

Sports are a major part of life for healthy, athletic people. If you can't play them or watch them, then sometimes game apps just have to do. If you don’t get enough sports in your life, you should try the following apps out for size.

1. Lawn Tennis
APP: Wimbledon
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This great lawn tennis app allows people stuck at home to feel like they are part of the game—you might even smell the fresh-cut grass! Get live game scores, results of past games, and upcoming schedules for your favorite players. Spend a few minutes browsing player profiles before a game, and then watch a few brilliant video previews of players’ skills.

2. Soccer
Soccer Scores Pro
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There aren't many sports in the world that can compete with the speed and frenetic power of football, referred to as ‘soccer’ in America. Soccer Scores Pro has the most quickly updated real-time scores on the market. You can check out the entire lineup and all the stats and substitutions on every match right as they happen, so you don't have to miss a moment of the action.

3. Cricket
APP: Stick Cricket
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Learn how to play the game better and improve specific techniques using these game-play tutorials. When this app hit the market in 2004 it was so popular that the company eventually launched similar versions for each sport. The best thing about this app is that you can play cricket with your friends in Mumbai while you await a business meeting in New York City.

4. Golf
Golfshot: Golf GPS
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GolfShot is the kind of game you play when you're the type of person who'll play golf when it's just above freezing and you have to use a colored ball to see it against the cloud cover. You have more than 35,000 courses at your disposal, so you can golf all the time when you've got nothing better to do or just want an escape.

5. American Football
Yahoo! Fantasy Football App
                                                     Image via Flickr by ericryanyi1

Is getting updates on your fantasy league players one of your foremost hobbies? If it is, you absolutely need to download the Yahoo! Fantasy Football app. You can track everything your players and their real world teams are doing so you can keep your team updated effectively. When you want to be up to date, ESPN is the best source on the planet.

6. Chess
APP: Chess Free
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For those who loved Bobby Fisher and hope to Castle their best friend over lunch sometime soon, nothing could be more fun than a chess app. This app has the added bonus of being free, and allowing game play while users are on the go.

7. All Sports
APP: ESPN ScoreCenter
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Do you want standings? Do you want scores? Are you a sports news junkie and are glad smartphones make it easy? Well, it's never been easier than with ESPN ScoreCenter. Track your teams of choice in hundreds of leagues all over the world, and know everything you could possibly want to know about the current state of your sport of choice.

8. Field Hockey
APP: Coach’s Clipboard
Image via Play.Google.com

Unlike the other apps, this one can be utilized during a game of field hockey to improve your team’s understanding of plays. Coaches can easily draw play diagrams on the screen while explaining expectations to the players.
While this could be useful for actual hockey teams, it could also be a lot of fun to study the sport, famous plays, and to show off your play-planning skills to friends. The next time your family is watching a field hockey tournament and a bad play is executed, take out this app and show your family what would have worked better.
Sports apps have really come into their own on smartphones. If you haven't got some sports apps, you're probably not getting your sports fix.

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