Windows Surface: What will Nokia think?

With Microsoft’s range of smartphone manufacturing alliances, it is slightly confusing that Microsoft will also be developing its own smartphone. I guess Google can get away with this sort of thing, being the owner of Android and releasing a smartphone, as well as providing iPhones with apps. But Microsoft doesn’t have the same level of acceptance as Google.
Perhaps it’s because Microsoft isn’t fun, as a brand it does not appear to be playful and exciting. This of course means that it must be strictly business in the public’s perception. Perception is everything when it comes to sales, so I wonder how this will go.

Surface Smartphone is a threat:

It isn’t just the perceived betrayal the public may base their opinions on. Microsoft’s partner Nokia, as well as Windows users such as Samsung and HTC Corporation, may see this as a threat or an attempt to squeeze them out of the Windows phone market. If Microsoft decides the Surface smartphone is a hit, will that lead to the halt of the sharing of Windows software with other manufacturers? I’d like to think not, but that doesn’t mean Samsung, HTC, etc., would agree. This shakes things up a bit and I wonder what will happen in the world of Windows smartphones in mid 2013 when the Surface phone by Microsoft is released.

I am particularly curious to see what happens with Microsoft’s partner Nokia. Nokia appears to be making a huge attempt at a comeback with the recent release of the Lumia 820 and 920. Nokia’s latest smartphones are visually stunning and there has obviously been a lot of work put in to make them so. Should Nokia be worried that Microsoft is breaking out and trying to go solo? Or is it more a matter of diversity, as the smartphone market seems to be these days.

At this stage the Microsoft Surface smartphone plans are only very plausible rumours, backed up by the Surface tablet Microsoft has already released. The release of this tablet makes it look like it isn’t too far fetched for Microsoft to give a smartphone a go. The Surface tablet is a solid design and is very useful for work as opposed to play. Smartphones, on the other hand, aren’t exactly the sort of thing you want to be typing up Word and Excel documents on. When the failsafe Microsoft Office marketing strategy is lost it is difficult to imagine what sort of qualities a Microsoft product will have, especially when there are so many brilliant smartphones on the market.

Smartphone wagon:

Everybody seems to be jumping on the smartphone wagon these days, even my parents who are in their 60’s bought themselves an iPhone 5 each. Maybe Microsoft aims to sell the smartphone for those who are hesitant about making the smartphone leap and would prefer to stick with a known and trusted brand. Or there possibly is something more to this phone, for Microsoft to want to take such a huge risk that may lead to losing a partner like Nokia or an alliance like Samsung. The speculations seem to be generating a lot of curiosity; this could be helpful in itself.

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