4 Things to Know About Setting Up Satellite Internet

In the technologically advanced world of today, you can get any information by a simple click. This is thanks to the internet. The internet can be accessed by you via the DSL, cable or by a simple dial-up. However, what will you do if you live at a distance from the telephone company or if you live in a remote area where cables have not yet be laid down? How will you get your share of the internet in such a case?
You can always use a satellite internet in such a case. Here are four things about satellite internet set-up.
1. It Functions In Remote Areas
If you are living in the urban area you can always use the options of getting a DSL, cable or dial-up internet connection, but if you live in the remote area, which is far away from the telephone company, you cannot use these options. The only option then for you would be, to make use of the satellite internet. A satellite internet connection involves transmission of data via space and therefore can operate in remote areas. This connection doesn’t depend on terrestrial connection and so you need not have telephone wires and cables.
2. They Involve Two Way Data Transmission
When you use satellite internet, you will two way data transmission. You will send the satellite information, where you ask for a certain web page. This data is sent from your computer, via the modem, to the satellite in your house. This satellite will relay the information to the satellite orbiting the Earth. This satellite will communicate the information to the dish satellite of your service provider. The sent data will follow the same route and come back to you. The satellite internet uses IP multicasting which compresses the data being transmitted and this helps send and receive information in no mind.
3. The Modem Decodes The Signals
The information being sent by the satellites are analog waves. This is a language that your computer doesn’t understand, so it will not be able to process the received information. You therefore, need a modem, or a modulator-demodulator, to change the analog waves into digital language. The modem changes the analog waves into digital language and vice versa.
4. Installation
Although your satellite TV service provider may have given you the option to install the satellite on your own, there are a few government regulations that prevent you from installing it yourself. You will, therefore, have to use a professional’s help. You need to set up the satellite dish, connect a cable from the satellite to the modem and a USB from the modem to the computer. If you want to go wireless, you will have to attach a WI-FI router to the modem.

Now you know that setting up rural satellite internet connection doesn’t involve much hassle. All you need to do is contact a service provider and they will set up the whole equipment for you.

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