Best Five Latest Mobiles Phones in The Market Today

Mobile phones are a part of our life. There have been many instances when people have complained of withdrawal symptoms when they are away from their mobile phones for even short duration  It is not just a device to make and receive calls or send messages but you can literally organize your whole life in the small device. With so many phones out in the market there are small features like a fast processor, good display, camera properties, storage space, weight and look make a lot of difference when it comes to ranking the phones.
There are three main operating systems in mobile phone front runners and these are Symbian, Android and iOS and the latest addition is Microsoft Windows 8 applications. Another important criterion for the selection of mobile phones is the battery life. With games, songs, photos, internet and regular phone calls running on the small device it is quite imperative for a Smartphone to have a very good battery life (the average of a good mobile phone is about 7.5 hours). Another important feature of Smartphone’s that is always in consideration is the types of internet connections you can have.
The new features that are included in mobile phone never cease to amaze all of us. Here are some latest mobile phones which you would want in your pocket:

Apple iPhone 5: Once again the much awaited Apple iPhone comes with new design, excellent battery life and multiple features. Apple has once again given its competitors something to think about. Its excellent retina display is one of the best that you will not see in any other mobile phone. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: The new Samsung galaxy note combines the best of what you would want from a tablet and a phone. It supports all the formats and you have the access to the millions of Google applications. The Android software development is much more user friendly. Galaxy note also supports multiple window view and you can work seamlessly for over eight over’s at a stretch.

Nokia Lumia 920: Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the first phones to come out with new Windows 8. One of the most unique features that this phone offers is the wireless charging capability. The new Microsoft windows 8 and Nokia features combined together give you everything that you can ask for in a mobile phone.

Google Nexus 4: With every major OS developer entering the Smartphone market, it would have been foolish of Google to be left behind. Google Nexus is a brainchild of Google and LG. The specifications of the phone are good enough to make it a very strong contender for one of the best mobile phones in the world.

HTC One:  HTC has made a huge name for itself despite it being a fairly new contender. A new processor and a stylish design make HTC one a noticeable Smartphone. It has the new android OS which at par with most of the Smartphone’s out in the market.

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