How Does The New iPhone Compare To Other Models?

Any person who takes pride in their mobile phone would never be seen holding any other than latest, coolest model of the Apple iPhone. Continuing to build on a reputation of innovation and forward-thinking, the latest addition to the iPhone group is the iPhone 5 and will not disappoint those who are loyal fans. But what does the new iPhone have to offer compared to other models? Firstly, a particular element that iPhone prides
itself on is weight and compared to the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 4, weighing in at 112 grams, this is easily the lightest device to date, with the previous models coming in at 140 grams and 137 grams respectively.
It also has a screen slightly larger than the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 with a resolution that is unquestionably sharper at 1136x620 resolution compared to 960x620 making for a user-friendly interface superior to in predecessors. 
The internet speeds are faster, the video recording has been improved with added features such an the ability to capture photos at the same time as recording, and the battery life while browsing will last you 1-2 hours longer than previous models. All in all, this is one impressive mobile phone, if you can still call it that! 
As always, there is a catch and in this case it is the price; for the iPhone 5 you can pay up to £699 for the handset, whereas the iPhone 4s can be purchased for around £499 and the iPhone 4 handset for around £399.
The main concern is price compared with benefits; critics have questioned whether the improvements made to the iPhone 5 compared with the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 are reflected in the price.
Although there are not any revolutionary developments, the iPhone have delivered what was promised; their lightest, thinnest and fastest model date and it’s available on most networks like vodafone, orange, and o2.

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