Why Nokia Lumia 920 can woo you?!


Reason one: PureMotion HD+ display
Nokia promises the gadget with a ClearBlack display technology which is said to be better than than the outdoor display of iPhone 4S and Galaxy S. The PureMotion HD+ display automatically adjusts to sunlight glare, provides smooth scrolling and works with fingernails, fingertips, and fingers covered with gloves.

Reason two: PureView camera technology
The PureView technology guarantees a high performance optics and powerful image processing. Low light performance is a major feature in this new camera, along with video image stabilization.

Reason three: Nokia Maps
Nokia Maps is the best service Nokia has ever offered and the functional offline maps and GPS navigation features in the Lumia 920 Nokia improves that experience.  

Reason four: Windows 8 phone
This is infact the most interesting and utmost reason why Nokia lumia 920 is a hot pick. Due to lack of details by Microsoft things are yet undercover. But anyways we know the new Start screen will be fancy.

Reason five: Qi wireless charging
It is something unique that distinguishes the Nokia Lumia from other Windows Phone 8 devices. the convenience of Qi charging with myDroid Charge is appreciable and easy.

Reason six: Nokia Music
Nokia Music just launched late last week for US Lumia owners. If you enjoy music, then getting a free service like this can provide significant regular savings to your smartphone ownership costs.

Reason seven: Color selection
Believe it or not these bold colour options, like yellow and red, are going to be top reasons for purchasing the Lumia 920. This brings us to rescue from black and white.


Source: Nokia

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