What Is Manifesting In The Fight Between Android And iOS In 2012?

The two giant companies who are responsible for providing people with fantastic and most advanced pieces of technology are at it again and this can be regarded as the fiercest fight yet. In 2012, people have been able to witness a wide increase and enhancement of the operating systems in both the android and iPhone devices. Apple has established an increased technological call on the operating systems in the iPhones and has to that effect incorporated an increased data handling capability. This has increased the rate at which people can search for information on the web and has made the iPhones the desired devices when it comes to researching and collecting of information.

Google has also come up to upgrade the android feature and has thus incorporated an enhanced feature for downloading and using of apps. This feature has been very instrumental in enabling people to get the most appropriate applications that will enable them to explore a whole new world having different features and fun. Operating systems are increasing in stature and complexity as every day goes by. This translates to an increase in the capabilities and performance.
The android and iOS operating systems have increased the margin of accessing the internet and the capacity for bandwidth in the sites. This has enhanced the possibility of reading books online. The rivalry between the two operating systems has been responsible for this major uplift and has led to massive advantages for the users of the same operating systems.
Apple generates its income from the OS and hardware that it supplies and this has made the company have an upper hand in the market structure. On the other hand, Google has been supplying its Operating Systems for use by other devices and this means that it is a major supplier of software. In this respect, Apple is seen as the more success based company due to the volumes of sales that it is able to generate at a go.
Since the turn of the year, the apps made by Apple have been generating revenue at a very high pace as compared to the Android apps. This is due to the fact that the apps from Google are provided on a free basis in the Android stores whereas the apps from Apple are paid for before they are downloaded. Both the Android and the iOS have upgraded their social networking platforms in 2012 and made them a desirable and fun institution. This has led to a widespread praise to both manufacturers since they have conquered the market convincingly.
Listen to music and enjoying the mass media has been given a boost with the revolution in the set up of the Android operating system. This has attracted a huge bias for smart phone users since they have been able to enjoy a new and enhanced dimensional view of media in the form of photos, movies and music videos. The rivalry is not set to end any time soon and this will spell another upgrade in the near future which will make the whole process exciting and adventurous.  

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