Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops

These days games are so popular that most people are going crazy in playing games, they are enthusiastic towards experiencing a great gaming platform that gives them much pleasure, fun and a better performance, although desktops give them a comfortable and oomph experience, many people are looking for the portability. This necessity brought the evolution in various laptops on the market that are designed specifically to give a better gaming experience.

Alienware M18x: The device delivers best gaming performance as like desktop, merged with high end desktop quality with a 3D vision bundle presents an immersive gaming experience. Some specifications include:
•    18.4 inches display
•    Intel Core i7-3820QM processor
•    Microsoft Windows 7 ultimate operating system.

Razer Blade: With the latest feature in the new Razer Blade your games will never looked this good than ever, it is ground up with an intuitive interface for an exciting gaming experience. Some specifications include:
•    Supports graphic and video with integrated Intel Quod Core processor
•    17.3 inches LED Backlit
•    Windows 7 operating system

ASUS X 54H: The laptop is designed to experience a high transfer speed with an automatic fan speed adjustments for an extended battery life so that it saves power and give you more freedom to play games without worrying about battery power. Some specifications include:
•    15.6 inches LED Backlight display
•    Integrated HD graphic card
•    DOS operating system 

Toshiba Satellite P755-S5269: This laptop offers high level gaming experience with much better graphics performance than its previous series.  Some specifications include:
•    15.5 inches LED display
•    Integrated with Intel i7-2630QM processor
•    Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

Sony Vaio VPC: It is integrated with gaming grid and gives an extreme edge to play games. Supports multitasks, gives good competition to other laptops in terms of features and performances. Some specifications include:
•    14 inches display
•    Intel Core i3-380M processor
•    MS Windows 7 home basic operating system

Acer Aspire 8942G: With a tremendous lightening effect, splashes, bright colours, various designs and Games, photos, videos look fantastic on this laptop. Some specifications include:
•    18.4 inches LED Backlight display
•    Integrated with Intel Core i3-330M processor
•    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system

ASUS G51: This is one of the powerful gaming laptop armed with an advance gaming audio effects and a gaming backlit keyboard. Some specifications include:
•    15.6 inches LED Backlight display
•    Intel Core 2Quod processor
•    MS Windows Vista home premium

Dell XPS 15: Supports amazing gaming, music and video sounds and visuals. This laptop could be an ideal choice to have visibly great gaming visuals. Some specifications include:
•    Intel Core i5 processor
•    15 inches LED display
•    MS Windows 7 home premium

HP Pavilion DV7: It is built with high quality and can be used for a better gaming experience. Some specifications include:
•    17.3 HP LED display
•    Intel Core i7-720 Quod micro processor
•    Genuine windows 7 operating system

Samsung series3: This laptop has high discrete graphics and built for speed very effective to play games like HD 3D games. Some specifications include:
•    15.6 inches display
•    Genuine windows 7 processor
•    Integrated with AMD Radeon graphic chip 


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