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ChatGPT Can Speak, Hear, Browsing And See - How To Use?


[UPDATE] Browse is rolling out to all Plus users. 

Hey there! Exciting news - you can now speak, hear, browsing and share one or more images with ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT can now browse the internet to provide you with current and authoritative information, complete with direct links to sources. It is no longer limited to data before September 2021. 

 To try it out, enable Browse in your beta features setting.

  • Click on 'Profile & Settings’
  • Select 'Beta features'
  • Toggle on ‘Browse with Bing’

Choose Browse with Bing in the selector under GPT-4.

This is a major update to the chatbot, which previously could only generate and understand text.

ChatGPT can now have real-time, back-and-forth dialogues with users, using one of five different voices. Users can also show one or more images to ChatGPT to troubleshoot problems, explore content, or analyze complex data.

How To Use it?

Use ChatGPT in your life with voice and image features.

To get started with voice, head to Settings → New Features on the mobile app and opt into voice conversations. 

Then, tap the headphone button located in the top-right corner of the home screen and choose your preferred voice out of five different voices.

  • Speak with ChatGPT on the go to get help with tasks, ask questions, or have a conversation.
  • Request a bedtime story for your family.
  • Settle a dinner table debate by asking ChatGPT to analyze data or provide evidence.
  • Show ChatGPT a picture of a landmark while traveling and have a live conversation about what's interesting about it.
  • Snap pictures of your fridge and pantry to figure out what's for dinner and ask follow up questions for a step-by-step recipe.

ChatGPT Plus users on all platforms will soon have access to image input.

ChatGPT is now offering new voice and image capabilities to make the interface more intuitive. You can now easily converse with ChatGPT using your voice, or show it what you're talking about.

This feature allows you to effortlessly troubleshoot why your grill isn't starting, plan a meal by checking out the contents of your fridge, or analyze a complex graph for work-related data. We've even got you covered if you need to focus on a particular aspect of the image - simply use the drawing tool provided in our mobile app. Happy chatting!

 To get started, tap the photo button to capture or choose an image. You can also discuss multiple images or use drawing tool to guide your assistant.

The changes will be implemented for paid subscribers over the next two weeks. Voice features will be limited to the iOS and Android apps, but image processing capabilities will be available across all platforms.

There are worries among experts regarding the use of AI-generated synthetic voices. Although it could provide users with a more natural experience, it could also make deepfakes more convincing. Cybersecurity researchers and attackers have already started investigating the potential of deepfakes in breaching security systems, said OpenAI.

OpenAI acknowledged those concerns in its Monday announcement, saying that synthetic voices were “created with voice actors we have directly worked with,” rather than collected from strangers.

The new voice and image capabilities make ChatGPT more versatile and user-friendly. They open up a world of new possibilities for how ChatGPT can be used in everyday life.

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