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What Is The Importance of DA And PA Scores in SEO?

DA and PA Score

According to Wendy Piersall, Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. 

But it isn’t that easy and simple.

The ranking on Google or other search engines is totally dependent on how well your online material is optimized.

And there are multiple factors that are considered very important when optimizing internet material.

But here, we are going to talk about the importance of DA and PA in SEO. It needs to start from the basics so, let’s get started.

What is DA & PA?

Starting from the basic point that is an abbreviation, DA stands for domain authority and similarly, PA stands for page authority.

These two terms are somehow similar to each other but definitely important.

Domain authority is a score starting from 0 and ending up at 100, this score shows how well your entire domain will rank on SERPs.

Let’s talk about page authority i.e., PA.

Page authority has a similar scale from 0-to 100 and this score will show the performance of a single specific page.

For example, we have a domain related to tech and in that domain, we have a page or category of laptops so, how do we differentiate da and pa?

We can consider the score of the entire domain “Tech” as domain authority and the specific page “Laptops” as page authority.

High domain authority; what does it mean?

First of all, let us make you clear about who determines the domain authority.

Moz created this score to evaluate the potential of websites and there are various factors that are considered important while determining the da and pa.

So, let's get back to the point.

Having a high domain authority means your website can easily rank higher on SERPs. In short, your website has more than enough potential to grab the audience on the internet.

How to determine the domain and page authority of a website?

This can only be done using an online tool da pa checker and there is a variety of checkers available on the internet.

You can go for any of them but keep accuracy and efficiency into consideration. All of them are using Moz api’s to fetch domain authority score.

Let’s talk about how this tool gives you results.

Using a da pa checker is very simple and most of the checker shows the required answer after following a couple of steps.

You need to copy a URL and paste it into the input field; you’ll get your results in a few seconds.

Domain & page authority VS. Search engine optimization

There is not the only thing that is included in search engine optimization and we can say that everything is important and falls in the “Must-do” category.

The same goes for the domain and page authority.

Undoubtedly, da and pa is the reflection of the progress of a domain or a specific page so, how can a website get a higher rank with less da, pa?

Many companies will judge your website while focusing on the domain and page authority and that’s why it is very important to boost da and pa.

And we can say that there is nothing difficult in performing this task so, have a look below.

3 steps to boost domain authority

We have concluded the three main steps that can help you boost your domain authority and all of them are listed down.

1. Set-up your website

First thing first, you need to set up your website or web pages properly which means you need to focus on the on-page SEO.

The content published on your website must be readable, understandable, and unique.

It is pretty clear that when a user gets into your website, the first thing a user will notice is the interface and other on-page factors.

So, it is very important to make all of these factors your top priority.

2. Building high-quality links

High-quality links will surely help you in boosting domain and page authority. But getting high-quality links is not that simple.

Your website must have unique and authentic content if you want to build high-quality links and there are many more factors.

Long story short, the more you build high-quality links, the more you can boost the da and pa of your website.

3. Remove low-quality links

Where getting high-quality links are important, it is also very important to remove the low-quality links if you want to boost authority.

These steps look very simple or minimal but all these have a greater impact on your authority and ranking.

Moz versus third-party tools

As we have mentioned above there are multiple tools available on the internet to calculate the domain and page authority.

But domain and page authority are specifically created by Moz

Then why do we need to use any other third-party checker?

Because there are many other benefits or features given by third-party tools and the most important of all is, you can check domain authority in bulk.

It means you can check the authority of more than 1 website at a time. Some tools offer 20 at a time and some are offering much more than this.

But when it comes to Moz, it allows only 15 searches monthly so, it becomes very important sometimes to use tools other than Moz.

Are third-party tools accurate?

Yes, they are definitely accurate because they are using the premium APIs of Moz and that’s why we can rely on them.

The basic benefit of using a third-party tool is, we can get many other features that are not offered by Moz.


SEO is all about a strategy and you know there are hundreds of factors that are very important in making a strategy.

So, we have discussed the two very basic and important factors. You will surely get benefitted after going through this guide. 

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