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Introducing TATA AVINYA Concept Car - New Automobile Mobility Solution

AVINYA Concept Car

Introducing TATA AVINYA Concept Car

Engineered to be smart, spacious, sustainable yet techy.

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM) takes a giant step towards the next generation of electric vehicles with the AVINYA Concept. Based on the GEN 3 architecture, it represents the company's vision of a Pure Electric Vehicle

Tata AVINYA Side Face

In the Sanskrit language, AVINYA means innovation. AVINYA Concept introduces new mobility concepts that provide enormous space and comfort, freed from traditional segmentation. 

During transit, it delivers a sense of tranquillity and wellness with the latest technology, software, and artificial intelligence. 

Tata AVINYA Side

The concept provides an exceptionally premium but simple and calming customer experience, allowing it to be reasonably accessible to many customers in our fast-growing, high-volume markets. 

This new breed of EVs will completely redefine the automobile space, and TPEM is all set to introduce them. This new EV will be introduced in 2025.

Tata AVINYA Side Back

Developed with the use of next-generation materials, high-efficiency electronic components, and proprietary energy management algorithms, this architecture maximizes efficiency. 

In addition, the use of light-weight materials, and optimized structure for an electric drivetrain, enable a good weight management by minimizing the overall mass. 

Tata AVINYA Back

The battery used will also have an ultra-fast charging capability in line with the evolution of the infrastructure, enabling a 500 km range to be reached in under 30 minutes

The Avinya EV is expected to go on sale in January 2025. Expecting price would be started from 30 lakh INR onwards.


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