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Google Messages Now Converts iMessage Reactions To Emojis

Google Message New Features: Android users will now be able to talk to iPhone users easily on the message. With the new update of Google Messages, the emoji reaction coming from the iPhone will be read, you will also be able to send emoji.

If you use Android phone and your friend iPhone, then till now you will have many problems in talking to him through message. The biggest problem was the emoji reaction on the message, which used to change from the original file, but this problem will now go away soon. 

To overcome this problem, Google has made changes in its Message App. Under this a new feature has been added to it. 

Right now if an iPhone user sent an emoji while talking over a message from iMessage, the Android user did not see that emoji. On clicking on it, it was visible on Google message that Translated from iPhone. 

On the other hand, Android users i.e. those using Google Messages did not have any option to send emoji. But with the new update this problem will go away.

What has changed

According to a report, Google has added this feature in its latest beta update. Under this, not only you will be able to easily see the emoji messages from iMessage, but similar emoji can be sent from Google Messages. 

According to the report, it has been released in beta version and only a few users are seeing this feature. Soon the company can launch it for all its users.

This will also be available in the new update of Google Messages

Not only this, the report says that in the new update, users will also get the facility to set birthday reminders of their friends and close ones in Google Messages. That is, Google will send you a reminder when the birthday message arrives. After this, you can wish that friend a birthday from there.

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