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Twitter Lets You Soft Block Unwanted Followers

With this feature, you can remove someone from your following list without blocking them entirely

Did you ever want someone to unfollow you, but didn't care enough to block them? In most cases, blocking and unblocking someone was the best way to accomplish this. Twitter has added a button to easily remove a follower from your account, so you no longer need to do that. 'Soft blocking' comes to Twitter 

Twitter has been testing out safety features recently, and this is just the latest. It was first tested on web last month and is now rolling out to everyone. If you do not want to completely block another person, this feature is helpful for creating a safe zone between you and them.

When a blocked user navigates to your profile after you blocked them, Twitter will inform them that they have been blocked.

However, by removing a follower, users can protect their privacy without blocking them completely.

Twitter tweeted, "we are making it easier to be the curator of your own followers list. Now testing on web: remove a follower without blocking them."

Additionally, the company announced Safety Mode at the beginning of the year, which automatically blocks accounts that appear to break Twitter's rules. There has been no widespread rollout of the down vote button, and the test seems to be over.

How to use the feature

To remove a follower, use the following steps:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click on "Followers"
  • Then click the three dot icon
  • Select "Remove this follower"

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