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5 Features Of iOS 14.6 Software Updates

Apple recently released iOS 14.6 software. It will change the whole experience of using iPhones. iOS 14 enhances the privacy of users. 

You must have heard that the features of the iPhone are different. It also gets very expensive. But what is so special about it that makes it different. We have brought 5 such features which make them different from other mobiles.

Face lock will open on iPhone without removing the mask

Wearing a mask has become an important part of our lives to fight against Corona pandemic. In view of this, Apple has launched a new feature. With this feature, you can unlock your iPhone without removing mask. 

For this, you have to ON FaceID, Passcode in the Unlock with Apple watch option in settings. This will work only if you sync iPhone to Apple Watch. For example, if you do not have Apple Watch, you can remove the Face ID option and opt for a 4-digit password.

Picture in picture feature

Apple's picture in picture mode can run iOS 14 smoothly. With its help, you can also browse the internet while watching videos. Also you can read the message. But it does not support on YouTube app in iOS. For this, by going to General Settings, you can select the option of Picture in Picture.

Can remove ad from app

Apple has brought a new feature with iOS 14.5. Now, apps are no longer allowed to access the IDFA or tracking advertiser on your iPhone without your permission, keeping your app data more private. For this you have to download a new app which will let you know in which app ads will not run. This option can be removed at any time.

Understanding battery condition

In this feature, users in the iPhone 11 series can understand the battery capacity and performance of its device. This feature was introduced with iOS 14.5, which shows the real condition of the battery. To find out, tap on Battery health option in the Settings menu. From here you can repair the battery again.

Can search songs easily

Users can learn about songs from the app Clips with iOS 14.6. Full details can be found from the iPhone Shazam app. You can find out about Music by searching Control Center in the Settings menu. You can access Control Center by swiping down.

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