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Instagram Introduces Insight Tool For Reels And Instagram Live

With the Insight tool, you will know how many people have seen the reel and live, this will make it easier to do business with the data found.

To make a business successful, identification of target audience is necessary. A target audience is a group that wants to take your product and service. If this is fully known, the business will grow quickly.

Because of this, Instagram has brought reel and live feature which will help the business people and the creators. This will help them to know about their reach on social media. It will give information about the data that how many people have seen their products. This information can be taken from the Account Insights tab in which all the things will be represented through graphs.

Get to know about audiences

Insight tool is a business tool that tells you about the followers, about the content they are most interested in. Insight helps you get to know your audience better. So that you create content that takes forward your business objectives. 

This information has been given by Instagram in the business blog. Reels will get such metrics that tells about the play, access to accounts, likes, comments, save and post being shared. Instagram will show Matrix accounts, comments and shares for Live.

How to see insight

To see Insight, first of all you have to create a business or creator account on Instagram.

  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap on the Insight Action button.
  • You can also go to the menu at the top right hand corner and tap on Insight.
  • Click on the matrix you have shared for analysis for the Overview section or content.
  • Only insights of content that you post after converting to a business or creator account will be visible.
  • If you want to see 7 or 30 days of insight, you can tap on the drop down at the top of the screen.

Will help in increasing business

Earlier this year, Instagram introduced a professional dashboard that would help business owners track their work, grow their business, and share new tips and tricks on Instagram. 

The social media platform says that some of these features were already there, but now it has been created by doing it in one place. The professional dashboard will be for all business owners.

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