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Facebook Allows You Transfer Posts And Notes To Other Platform

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform. Now, Facebook comes up with one more new feature which allows you to transfer all of your data and valuable information from the site to other platform.

"To give people more control and choice over their data today we’re introducing two new data portability types, Facebook posts and notes. People can now directly transfer their notes and posts to Google Docs, Blogger and" 

These updates extend the reach of the tool that already enables people to transfer their photos and videos to Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Photos and Koofr. To better reflect the range of data types people can now transfer to our partners’ services, we’re renaming the tool “Transfer Your Information.” Company said in a blog post.

This tool is designed by keeping privacy, security and utility in mind. You will ask to re-enter your password before the transfer starts and encrypt your data.

How to use

You can access this tool in your Facebook settings under “Your Facebook Information” and clicking “Transfer Your Information.” Follow the prompts, which take you through a series of steps to help securely transfer the data you choose to one of the available services. 

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