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Twitter Is Testing 'Undo Send' Timer For Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform which connects millions of people together. According to a report, micro blogging site Twitter is working on a feature that could offer users to rethink or edit a tweet before posting it.

The app's researcher Jane Manchun Wong said that work has started on the new Undo Send button. With the help of this button people will be able to rectify their mistakes. After these new features, users will have the option to edit the tweet. However, the user will get only a few seconds to undo the tweet.

This option is obtained by clicking on the undo button. With which you can undo any message for how long after sending it. That is, a time limit is set for undo.

Last year, there were reports that Twitter has started working towards its paid membership service. Which will provide users with options like undo button. Twitter said that it is working to give everyone the ability to create and host space on both Android and iOS soon.

How Twitter's undo send button will work 

  • With the help of this button, users will be able to edit a tweet. However, limited time will be available for this.
  • If a user clicks on the send button just like tweeting, the undo send button will appear on the screen with the timer.
  • If the user wants to edit the tweet, then he can click on this button.
  • However, it is not yet clear how much time the user will get for this. According to the reports, 30 seconds can be found for this work. This will be an option of edit button only. If the time of undo send is over, the tweet will not be edited.

The undo option is also available in Gmail. When you send an email, the same option is available. When the email is sent, a small undo screen appears at the bottom left.

This screen stays around 3 seconds. Now when Undo is clicked, then the mail is reopened and it can be edited. 

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