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Facebook Tests Feature To Share Instagram Reels On Its Platform

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform which connects millions of people together. Now, Facebook is testing one more new feature which lets users to share Instagram reels on their Facebook accounts. 

With this new Facebook feature, people will also be able to recommend their Instagram Reels on the Facebook app and reach a wider audience base.

It is testing for some Indian users who create the 30-second long reels on Instagram will have the option of having them recommended on Facebook. It is also said that it will have its own version for the reels feature on the main app.

"In India, we're testing the ability for Instagram creators to choose to have their Reels recommended on Facebook... creators can reach new audiences and people can create and discover more entertaining content," a Facebook spokeswoman said.

The test will be done only with public accounts, who may soon see a prompt to opt-in to the feature. These videos will be shown as recommended content to users on Facebook based on relevance and they will be shown with the creator's Instagram username even if they have a Facebook account, it said.

Currently, there is not any dedicated Reels section in the Facebook app, upon scrolling down, you do get the ‘short videos’ section that enlists various short videos and allows you to create one for yourself too. Once you click on the create option, you will be able to record a 10 or 15-second video, add music, filters, and more edits to it, and then post.

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