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Zoom May Launch E-mail Service And Calendar App Soon

During Covid-19 pandemic people are looking for digital platform to communicate and Zoom video conferencing app is one of them. Not many people were using Zoom as much before 2020. But due to pandemic millions of people around the world to rely on video conferences. It is now one of the most preferred video conferencing app.

Over the past few months, Zoom has rolled out end-to-end encryption on its platform and added support for devices like the Google Nest Hub Max. The company also rolled out several new security features to keep meetings safe from the so-called "Zoom bombers."

Now, Zoom is expanding its services. According to a report, the company is working on its own email service and a calendar app to compete with Google and Microsoft. 

Zoom has already begun working on an email system and it might start testing in early 2021. According to the report, the new email system would be ‘’next generation’’ and different from the current email systems which are already used by a very wide audience. 

In addition to the email system, Zoom is exploring a new calendar app too. However, it’s not clear yet if the company has started developing it.

By launching its own email and calendar services, Zoom could also be looking to make itself as a multipurpose platform. In a report it is said that, Zoom may be looking to develop a full enterprise app suite.

Zoom also added a few security-based tools to its app and desktop versions to keep the cyber criminals away. One of the features that it added is called “Suspend Participant Activities”. Another security tool that was added to the app lets users report a miscreant in a video meeting.

Both of these new features are available on the Zoom desktop clients for Mac, PC, Linux, mobile apps, along with support for the web client to come later this year.

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