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Wrist PC - A New And Innovative Concept Gadget

Wrist PC

Earlier, work is performed manually, but nowadays with the increasing use of technology, every work is done digitally. The use of computers increased in almost every field and has changed the way of working. Many new concepts are designed to make your work easier. One such future technology concept is Wrist PC.

Wrist PC is a new and innovative concept that combines all computer functions, capable of handling all the vital requirements of the user throughout the day. The wearable ultra-mobile personal computer and communication device concept offers a novel experience with great portability and innovative architecture.

Wrist PC

It can be worn like a wristwatch, allowing the user to remain connected to the web anytime, anywhere. The Wrist PC concept boasts a completely functional 3.5-inch touch-screen display plus a keypad onto the side of the wristband.

Wrist PC

One can position the display panels at different angles to make the screen face the user when the device is used for SMSing or GPS.

The wireless earpiece can be easily detached from the wristband and can be used for making conference calls, watching videos on the move, and listening to music. Well, the wristband’s rubber-feel material offers a comfortable grip for gamers.

Wrist PC

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