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Instagram Rolls Out "Live Rooms" Feature



Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platform for influencers and content creators as it mainly provides photo and video sharing services. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Instagram saw a massive boost in the number of live streams taking place on the platform. 

The facebook owned photos sharing platform Instagram introduced Instagram Live in November 2016, which allowed users to broadcast live videos for up to an hour.

Now, Instagram rolled out one more new feature "Live Rooms" which allows up to three additional users to go live in the same session. The new feature is an extension of the existing Live functionality, with the flexibility of adding more than two people in the session than previously allowed.

Users can now accommodate three guests to expand their reach on the platform, Instagram said in a statement.Creators can conduct talk shows or podcasts, host jam sessions or collaborate with other artists, and engage in Q&As in the live session.

“This year in particular has seen extensive use of Live, and as physical distancing norms continue, Live will remain an invaluable feature to bring friends, families and audiences together, and foster meaningful conversations,” Ajit Mohan, VP and MD, Facebook India, said in a statement.
The feature also consists of a multi-participant chat format. The early tests of Live Rooms took place with a few Indian creators. It will be available in India and Indonesia soon, Instagram stated.

How To Use Instagram Live Rooms Feature 

  • Tap the plus sign in top left hand corner of your stories tray or click the “Create” plus icon in the top right of home navigation bar.
  • Scroll to and tap the Live camera option at the bottom.
  • Use the menu on the left to add a title if you so choose.
  • Tap the circular button to go live.

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