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Nikon Camera Will Equipped With Webcam Utility Software


Due to covid 19 pandemic, the demand for video conferences and online classes has increased and the camera maker also trying to enable these devices to work as a webcam.

Nikon has introduced a new software to get incredible sharpness, clarity, and flattering depth of field while live streaming by using a compatible Nikon mirrorless or DSLR camera and the Nikon Webcam Utility.

Now, Nikon cameras are equipped with features that will allow to be connected for high quality video streaming through software or hardware.

The Nikon Webcam Utility software can be connected using USB cables. This is useful for those who don’t have a webcam or for those who only have a low-quality webcam.

To use it, download and install the Nikon Webcam Utility. It can be downloaded for Windows and macOS.

What You Will Required To Use Software

  • Nikon Z series mirrorless camera or compatible DSLR
  • USB cable (provided with your Nikon camera)
  • Nikon Webcam Utility
  • Compatible video conferencing software
  • Fully charged camera battery or AC power adapter

How To Connect

  • Download and install the Nikon Webcam Utility.
  • Connect your Nikon camera to your computer using the USB cable that was included with your camera.
  • If you’re using an external mic such as the Nikon ME-1, etc., plug it into the computer’s mic port.
  • Open any one of the compatible video conferencing software (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger and Skype).

It Support digital cameras: Z 7II, Z 7, Z 6II, Z 6, Z 5, Z 50, D6, D5, D850, D810, D780, D750, D500, D7500, D7200, D5600, D5500, D5300 and D3500.

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