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Indian Army Launches Secure Messaging App "SAI" For Soldiers

Mobile Messaging App Security

The Indian army observed chinese and pakistan's online agent attempting to obtain information and data through facebook and whatsApp. And so, popular social media apps Facebook has been banned for by the army. 

In order to make conversation and information secure from being attacked by hackers, the Indian army developed indigenous messaging app for soldiers.

The Indian Army launches a messaging app, named “Secure Application for the Internet (SAI)” that will support an end-to-end secure voice, text and video calling services for Android platform over internet.

"The model (of SAI) is similar to commercially available messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, SAMVAD and GIMS and utilises end-to-end encryption messaging protocol," the Indian Army said in a statement

SAI, which stands for Secure Application for Internet, will be utilised pan Army to facilitate secure messaging within the service. "The application supports end-to-end secure voice, text and video calling services for Android platform over internet," said in a statement

Indian Army's newly developed messaging application is also in line with PM Narendra Modi's call for `Atmanirbhar Bharat`. SAI scores over on security features with local in-house servers and coding, which can be tweaked as per requirements," the Defence Ministry said.

According to the statement, the application has been vetted by CERT-in empaneled auditor and Army Cyber Group, and the process for filing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) hosting the infrastructure on NIC and working on iOS platform is currently in progress.

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