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Telegram Rolls Out Search Filter, Anonymous Admins, And Channel Comment Features


Telegram is a cloud based messaging service and become popular because of its secure and quality features. Telegram continues to develop many new features that make it much more than just a messaging app.

Telegram announces some features in its new update. The update includes Search Filters, Anonymous Group Admins, Channel Comments and more.

Search Filters

You can now filter search results by type using the new tabs: Media, Links, Files and others.  For example, to search a particular time period, just type “August 14” or “Yesterday” then it will return the results accordingly. Typing the name of any person, group, channel or bot will add a filter by source

Anonymous Group Admin 

The feature is already available for Channels and now will turn even admins to anonymous in Groups while sending messages. Also, the messages they send will now be under the Group name tag.

Channel Comments

Telegram has brought a new comment section inside the Channels. A comment button will appear on the messages posted on the Channels. Users can post GIF, voice messages, stickers, and more as a comment to that post. Also, Telegram says that admins can control the comments of the channel to maintain the courtesy.

Animated pop-ups and new emojis

The update also includes animated pop-ups. This feature is limited to Android and shows revamped animations when users delete messages, save media, change notification, etc. In addition to new animated emojis, the update brings features like long-press on profile picture to view closer, and do the same on account switcher to preview chat lists.

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