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Tips For Women Thinking About Having A Career In Tech

Tips for women thinking about having a career in Tech

Many graduates with a tech degree often do not know where the journey will take them after graduating. After a lot of trials, and errors, meeting mentors and holding discussions with peers, I finally secured a job in data science. I have, over the years, with advancements in machine learning, helped solve problems in the fields of healthcare, energy, and the industry of cyber-security.

The field of data science is one of the most sought after. The steady rise in the demand curve for data scientists proves this, as several companies worldwide embrace it. Job postings on this field have shot to 256 percent since the last quarter of 2013, with median salaries soaring to $112,000.

The sad reality is that only 15 percent of the workforce is women, according to research done in 2018. A recent Cyberstates 2018 report showed that in America, the tech workforce has about 5 million men and 2.5 million women, which translates to the domination of 68 percent and 32 percent, respectively.

As noted by professional bachelor's thesis writers, women are underrepresented in most of the tech careers. That translates to having a lot of room for women in this industry. Though sounding intimidating, if you are focused, curious, and have a passion for innovation and technology, the tech world might be a shot for you. Here are the tips for women entering and rising ranks in the tech world:

Fight intimidation

Fright has made many women look the other way when wanting to join a tech career. The belief of the lack of technical know-how pushes their psyche away. For you to have a spot on this table, you only need curiosity, not a high-tech background. You will be inspired by interest to identify problems. Data scientists have helped make a difference in society by using old technologies to solve emerging snags in the present.

Speak to people

For quite some time, I hovered around looking for my niche until I found it in data science. I conversed with peers about their jobs daily, asking them whether they loved or hated their jobs. I attended meetings and workshops of different companies and in the process, trying out a few minor projects. That is how I knew data science was my fit. Before getting into one area, talk to people, and also check out upcoming events on IT.

Educate yourself

Get to know the desired skills on your own before stepping out for an interview for tech jobs. Always remember that once you have set the ball rolling in the tech world, you will learn more. Research on the advantages of new tools in the market, how they can help, and you can decide whether to get them. Setting aside an hour or two daily to practice will not only assist but will also make you an expert sooner than you think. The skills needed include math, coding, statistics, and system design.

Stick around, good people.

When venting for opportunities, create a following of good people and companies instead of money. When making decisions on where to find work, check out for those companies and people you respect and also admire. Look out for companies that care about their personnel and have intelligent leaders.

Get a mentor

To be successful, women in tech fields must get a mentor to boost proactivity and commitment to learning.

Be your advocate

No matter the field you land, don’t give up on your dreams. Maintain a positive attitude always, and never let anyone limit your potential along your road to success. 

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