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Firefox 76 Released For Windows, Mac And Linux With Password Security Feature

  • Mozilla Released Firefox 76 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Firefox 76 includes password security features and Zoom improvements.
  • 12 Security Bugs Have Fixed.

Firefox has released a new version, Firefox 76, which is now available for download and can support all desktop platforms and have come with several improvements.

Firefox 76 introduced a master password option that protects all the passwords that are saved in the browser. It means if you depend on Firefox to handle your account password, you can now use a master password to protect your data. This feature prevents your information from being accessed by others.

Previously, it supported the Picture-in-Picture mode.

Firefox is making the protection of online account logins and passwords stronger. Firefox will display critical alerts in its Lockwise password manager if a saved website breached. Moreover, if any of your accounts are involved in the breach, and you have used the same password elsewhere, the Firefox will prompt you to change the password.

Firefox Lockwise will require a device's account password before allowing a saved password to be copied, and it will let users know if a website breach has occurred that compromises a login and password.

It also provides an alert for vulnerable passwords, which are passwords used for more than one site. The password generating feature that creates random passwords has also been rolled out to more sites.

To set up a master password in Firefox 76, First launch the browser and do the following.

Firefox > Options > Privacy and Security > Logins and Passwords > Use a master passwords

Once enabled, you have to enter the master password each time you want to view the passwords that saved on your device.

By Firefox

Firefox 76 also brings support for Audio Work lets that allows complex audio processing. With this feature Zoom, users will now able to video conference easily on the browser without downloading anything.

It is helpful for those people who are using Zoom to communicate with their friends and co-workers. Moreover, the Picture-in-Picture window can be expanded and can be brought back to its original size by double click.

Firefox 76 Security

Firefox has also changed the look of the address bar and expand its bookmarks toolbar. Firefox 76 can be easily downloaded from the Firefox website. Current Firefox users can upgrade the browser.

With the release, Firefox 76 strengthens protections for your online account logins and passwords, with innovative approaches to managing your accounts during this critical time:
  • Firefox displays critical alerts in the Lockwise password manager when a website is breached.
  • If one of your accounts is involved in a website breach and you've used the same password on other websites, you will now be prompted to update your password. A key icon identifies which accounts use that vulnerable password.
  • Automatically generate secure, complex passwords for new accounts across more of the web that is easily saved right in the browser.
  • You have been able to access and see your saved passwords under Logins and Passwords easily under the main menu. If your device happens to be shared among your family or roommates, the latest update helps to prevent casual snooping over your shoulder. 
  • If you don’t have a master password set up for Firefox, Windows and macOS now require a login to your operating system account before showing your saved passwords.

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