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New Mozilla Firefox 71 Browser Version Supports Picture in Picture Mode

  • Mozilla Firefox 71 Browser supports picture-in-picture mode
  • Improvement to Lockwise, password manager within Firefox
  • Improvement in Firefox Private Network (FPN), allows for U.S users.

New Mozilla Firefox Version supports Picture in Picture mode

Picture-in-Picture mode allows a video to be contained in a separate and small window, and still be viewable whether you switch from tab-to-tab or outside the Firefox browser.

To see if Picture-in-Picture is available to you, hover your mouse over the video to see a small blue “Picture in Picture” option. Once you click the option, the video will pop into its own and will always stay as the top window, allowing you to continue to watch the video even if you switch tabs.

Currently, Picture-in-Picture will only be available on Windows OS and coming up for Android, Chromebook, iOS, MAC and Linux in the next release in January 2020.

Mozilla Firefox 71 also fixes various security vulnerabilities 

Screenshot, Picture-in-Picture Mode On

Mozilla Announced Firefox Private Network (FPN) in September 2019, Which is encrypting your Firefox connections.

Today, Mozilla announcing an additional beta test for US-based Firefox account users who didn’t get a chance to get in the initial group, and are interested in testing FPN. In the beta testing, Firefox is considering various ways to bring additional privacy protections to its users.

In the next beta version phase, it's offering a limited-time free service that lets you encrypt your Firefox connections for up to 12 hours a month. With the holidays around the corner, the FPN couldn’t come at a more convenient time.

If you are traveling and might have to rely on an unsecured public Wi-Fi network, like the one at the airport, at your local coffee shop. FPN provides encrypted internet traffic thus giving you peace of mind whenever you’re using our Firefox browser.

This limited-time free service is currently available in the US on the Firefox desktop browser and you’ll need a Firefox account to try the service. You can sign up directly from the extension which can be found here.

What is Firefox Private Network?

The Firefox Private Network Beta offers browser-level or device-level protection to protect you online. Our free browser extension protects web browsing within Firefox.

Take the next step to protect your privacy

How you connect to the internet is as important to your privacy as your choice of browser. Secure your network connection with Firefox Private Network.

Also it offers Paid VPN service

What are the differences between the browser extension and the full-device VPN?

The free browser extension is available for Firefox for Desktop in the United States. At this time, it provides up to 12 hours of browser-level protection each month in the form of 12 one-hour passes.

The paid VPN protects your entire computer and is currently available for Windows 10 in the United States. The Firefox browser is not required to use the VPN

Protect your web history
Mask your browsing history from internet service providers so they can’t collect or sell it.

Feel safer on public Wi-Fi
Stop eavesdroppers from tracking which websites you visit on unsecured wireless networks.

Get trackers off your trail
Hide your location to throw off the websites and data collectors that profile you with ads.

Download Latest Firefox version.

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