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7 Best Android Learning Apps To Increase Your Knowledge

7 Best Android Learning Apps To Increase Your Knowledge

We are using our tablets and phones almost all day long. Therefore, using these devices to learn from makes sense.

Moreover, since you can take them with you wherever you go, it means your learning resources are almost always with you.

Have a couple of minutes to yourself? Whip out the phone and use it to teach you what you need to know. Spending half an hour at the dentist, why not do so while learning just about anything?

However, some learning apps are indeed better at teaching you stuff than others. So, we thought we’d fast track your progress and list the best android ones for you. Behold…


A free-to-use app, PhotoMath, is all about focused learning. And, as its name implies, the app will teach you math. But how does it do that?

By taking hold of your camera and combining the magic of OCR technology. Write down an equation and then scan it with the app to get the answer.

But that isn’t all. PhotoMath also shows you how it arrived at that solution via a step-by-step breakdown. Thus, you don’t just get the right solution but also learn how to get there.

Whether it is for your kid’s homework or to brush up on your arithmetic skills for any reason, this app has the answers! With the free version, you get the basic features.

Going pro, on the other hand, gets you those much-needed step-by-step instructions, lengthier explanations, and extra math resources. So, let’s learn math! To spread the word and collaborate while solving a math problem, take the help of an airg spam-free app like Hookt.


Another free excellent educational app, Socratic, uses the same approach as that of PhotoMath. However, it does touch on a wider variety of subjects.

For instance, you can attempt history questions on it but also do math’s sums and find out a chemistry formula.

Moreover, Socratic will also show you how to answer the question you put to it, should you face it again in the future. This app gets bonus points for not bombarding its users with ads or even suggesting in-app purchases.


Many students fall into one of two groups. They are either stymied by math, or they detest science. These public enemies have been the bane of our existence for too long. You may – or may not be in school now, but Brilliant saves the day in either case.

Its developers have packed with a range of fun and educational courses, centering the terrifying twin subjects. You can even test your progress by solving quizzes within the app.


You’ve probably already streamed one – or a hundred – TED Talks. But with the app, you can expand your knowledge about almost any topic in this huge world. Education, philosophy, history, psychology, and science are just a few of the subjects you’ll find material on in the TED app.

Experts in their fields, the presenters always something new to share. What’s more, this reliable source of information is free. It also has app versions that work on smart TVs. There is support for about 100 languages, and you may download the talks to watch offline later. Or, bookmark them and stream whenever you have the time. But in any case, don’t stop learning.


Okay, so take a cauldron and plop in a dollop of Medium. Then splash some Blinkist into it. Finally, stir in a flash cards thingy, and you’ll have cooked the Deepstash app. Or, visualize your social media feed but only displaying the things that mattered.

Analogies aside, Deepstash users can select various topics that they’d like information on during the onboarding process.

The app suggests ideas and stories relevant to the subjects of your choice on a daily basis. Go through your news-feed and pick out what you like. Then organize everything in stashes while saving them. And you have a personalized store of knowledge that you may access at any time.

When you look at the blogs, you do so in the form of an idea. An idea is a 100-words-or-less summary of the main insights from an article. Therefore, you get a crisp insight initially and can choose to pursue it or not.


Lynda may be dubbed the current queen of learning apps. One reason why this Microsoft-owned platform has courses that you won’t find anywhere else. A digital art expert of the same name founded Lynda in 1995. Even today, it is an informative resource for skills you can accrue in subjects like:
  • Software/Web development
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Business

Of course, there’s the membership fee -- $25 a month – that you must pay. But once you do, the app gives you unlimited access to all its courses. Expect only the leaders in their industries teaching every course on Lynda.


We mention Blinkist last not because of how useful – or not – it is. But we do so because of its pretty pricey subscription fee. You pay $50 a year if you want to get Plus but $80 in a year for Premium. The good news is taking it for a test drive for three whole days is possible. So, use that time to make sure.

Now on to what makes Blinkist so special is that its library has summaries of more than 1,000 books. They’re all available in an audio format, but you can also opt for a 15-minute-long written version. In either case, the app shows you main takeaways from books on different subjects, such as psychology, health, history, current affairs, etc.

We’d recommend using Blinkist as a discovery tool to get the most out of it. By that we mean, trying out various books to see if you’d like them. Then get the complete version and enjoy it!

The mentioned apps are great learning resources. You can teach yourself math and chemistry or discover new reads with them. They can also be useful for individuals interested in staying up to date while working in technical fields like healthcare, digital tech, business, and graphic design.

About the Author

Alycia Gordan, she is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia

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