Top 8 Ultimate Educational Apps For Students

Top 8 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students. Here are eight apps that students are going to love. All of them solve at least one student problem. They are all also very popular, which is good because there are a lot of boring and useless educational apps out there, and it is good to know you are looking at the best ones.

1. Sleep If U Can
This is an app that wakes you up in weird way. There are some people who do that thing where you turn of the alarm and then go back to bed. In order to avoid this, this app will insist that you take a photo of something before it allows you to turn off the alarm. The only thing is how does it know what the thing is that you are photographing in real life, and would it be fooled by a picture of that thing.

2. RealCalc Scientific Calculator
This is a scientific calculator in an app. It allows you to do all the things you may do on a scientific calculator. The only difference is that you can keep going and doing other things because you are on your phone. Obviously, even though this is a good Smartphone app, they will not let you take your phone in to the exam with you. So, it is better to buy your own scientific calculator and then use this app when that calculator is not around.

3. The Oxford Dictionary
This is a handy app to have around if you want to know what your teacher or academic councilor is actually saying to you. You can look up the words you are going to use to impress the people who mark your essay papers. This tool is also good if you want to do a mean girls (the movie) thing and learn a different word every week so that when you talk you may talk with a bigger vocabulary.

4. Babylon
Learning a new language is hard, which is why this app is so handy. It comes with seventy five languages that it will happy translate for you. If you are making flashcards for your project, then you will love this app as it has all the words you will ever need in order to learn the language.

5. TED
This is a great app that allows you to see the TED conference videos. The TED has lots of different people talk on it, and some of them may teach you something if you listen to them and watch them with this app.

6. Maths Alarm Clock
This is one of those horrible apps that was created by a sadist in anticipation that we are about to be retaken by an enemy on the republic. Basically it is an alarm clock, but when it beeps you cannot turn it right off. You have to answer a math question first. If you cannot answer the math question then it keeps on ringing until you get it right. This also means that it does not have a snooze button, which is a shame because there is nothing better than a snooze after a sleep.

7. JumpCut
This is a pretty cool app that allows you to see the paste and the copy buttons so that you may press them and use them instead of going in to a tool to do it. It saves you a lot of time and it is pretty convenient when you are doing something such as making notes, researching or are editing your blog and/or your blog comments.

8. SelfControl
This is an app that forces you to work without interruption. It has a strange way of working. It allows you to block certain websites. Not only are they blocked from popping things up on your screen whilst you are trying to do stuff, but they also ban you from going on the site. You set a time that you are not allow to go on these websites for and the app will stop you from looking at them. The weird thing is that if you do put the app on and then block a website, then it is blocked for the entire duration that you specified. You cannot turn it off; even if you delete the app it will still keep the websites you requested blocked until the time you specified is up.

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