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9 Music Streaming Apps Hypes Trend In 2019

Music Streaming Apps Hypes Or Latest Trend In 2019

Music is the only aspect which is giving tough competition to social media addiction. Every second person is addicted to some type of music. Music has the magic to not only change your mood but also change your mind.

So, to let people enjoy their music, there are many startups going the extra mile by helping them with music streaming applications available online. It allows one to enjoy their type of music whenever they want to and that too without an Internet connection.

You get to choose from the plethora of music applications these days. With the rise of success, there are many startups going for this type of application to gain good returns. From live videos to radio stations, there is a wide range of applications where you can choose according to your favorite artists or type and listen all day long.

It is tough to find the best of the lot as most of them look the same. And it is not possible for you to download them all and check which one is perfect for your needs. So, we are here to help you with some of the best music streaming applications for Android and iOS, take a look:

1. Spotify

Every music streaming user knows about Spotify. It is surely one of the most used music applications in the business. This application has also inspired many startups to develop the same. There are more than 74 million subscribers of this application making it attain the top spot in this industry. The best part is that it gives users the gift of more than 30 million tracks of different artists and languages.

You will be able to stream single tracks with ease and also build your personal playlists. So, it is surely your go-to application whenever you are confused about the music application and are looking for one!

2. SoundCloud

It is another exciting music streaming application featuring a diverse range of attributes. From different types of musicians to bands and podcasters, you will get it all to enjoy as per your needs. It is very easy to use and you can easily look for your favorite musicians and listen to the track on repeat.

This application also allows you to upload your own recording in the feed which is quite unique and has grabbed a lot of attention. You can listen to all kinds of music using all the features without having to pay for it. There is another application in the form of SoundCloud Pro which provides paid service and is just perfect for the ones who love to create their own music.

3. Wynk Music

Wynk is another amazing application quite popular in India. You can get to relish an amazing mix of music combination available all around the world. From Hindi tracks to Punjabi and English tracks, you can search through your favorite ones with ease. If you have an Airtel network, then its subscription is completely free. You will be able to relish the paid features by registering yourself with your Airtel number.

4. Google Play Music

If you are using an Android device, then Google Play music will be your default music application. It is a good combination of unique features and gives its users enough to have a good time listening to their favorite tracks. You get access to have your personal collection on cloud and it also has personalized radio stations to help you get complete music library with ease.

The slick design is certainly catching a lot of eyes and getting a subscription will help you get ad-free music and also access to offline downloading of your favorite tracks.

5. Saavn

If you want an application which can give you the best of feel while listening to your favorite music, then Saavn is the application you must get installed. You get to choose your type of music just after you have your application installed. From regional favorites to latest Bollywood tracks, you get it all.
Not only this, but you also get a great mix of rock and pop music of different language and genre. You can use it for free and listen to the chartbusters whenever you wish too. If you would like to listen to your music without any disturbance of the ads, get yourself paid subscription.

6. iHeartRadio

It is becoming another favorite application as it allows one to listen to their favorite music anytime they want too! It also allows one to avail the fun of comedy shows and podcasts. If you would like to listen to the news or get an update on sports, this application will make it easy for you. Yes, it has unique attributes which give you access to Google Chromecast, Android Auto and Android Wear.

7. Deezer

Get the biggest music library with Deezer music application. It has a unique feature of understanding your taste and presenting the library accordingly. You will be allowed to search for your music according to your favorite genre or artist but if you subscribe for the paid version, you will also get to search offline with better quality sound and Android Auto support.

8. Jango Radio

Most of the applications charge you subscription amount to avail the benefits of different features. But with Jango Radio, you get almost features for free whether you are using iPhone or Android mobiles. You are allowed to search for all kinds of music with ease without any kind of hidden extra charges. It is very easy to use and have limited attributes to enjoy your favorite track without any kind of complications. So, get your favorite tracks on the move with Jango Radio for free.

9. TuneIn Radio

This mobile application is quite popular among radio lovers and why not, it gives them enough to have an amazing time while listening to the favorite artist! From streaming more than 100,000 radio stations live to catch up with news and sports, you get everything with this application.

You will never be able to miss your comedy shows, current affairs and sports update with this application. It is surely way more than just a music streaming app giving its users a full package to have a gala time whenever they want too! It is chargeable but you get a weeks’ free trial to make your decision.

So, these are the best of the latest music streaming mobile applications which allows you to get your favorite music library for free with ease. There are many which help you with even more features with a subscription amount. There are many startups who are still thinking to invest in these applications as it is surely going to bring in good profits if promoted appropriately.

All you need to do is to check which one perfectly fits to your needs and help you make your moment special. If you have any such idea in mind, you can always let us know and we will help you achieve it from scratch.

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