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Microsoft Announced New AI Based Writing Tool

Microsoft Announced New AI Based Writing Tool 

The 2019 Build conference will take place at the Washington State Convention  Center in Downtown Seattle, Washington from May 6 to May 8, 2019, plus optional post-event learning activities on next days. In this conference, Microsoft announced a new artificial intelligence (AI) based writing tool called 'Ideas'.

It will be able to estimate reading time, highlight key points in a text. It can make suggestions for a rewrite and has other aspects to help with making a document more readable.

The cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) companion is supposed to do more than just correct grammatical mistakes and spelling errors according to the company. Ideas isn't just focused on words either. Formatting and presentation is important as well, and Ideas will add something called the Word Designer to help you style tables and other sections of a document.

Ideas is also supposed to promote inclusive writing, which essentially means being more gender neutral. So, if Ideas spots a certain bias against a particular group, it will flag the phrase for you to make the necessary changes.

If the words in a sentence are in the wrong order or if a sentence doesn’t quite make sense, the AI tool will suggest that you should probably rewrite that segment of the document in Microsoft Word. If a document is particularly dense, Ideas can also extract key points so you can quickly get the gist of it without having to read the whole thing. it can decode acronyms based on data it has about your company in the Microsoft Graph.

The AI-powered editor will only provide intelligent suggestions, but won't change anything until you approve it. It comes into frame from the right edge of the screen. Microsoft Word currently has a proof-reading feature, but Ideas for Word brings a whole lot more, other than just spell check. As mentioned, Ideas for Word will be available in preview sometime in June, and the feature will arrive for all users in the fall.

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