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Google Announces New Feature To Auto-Delete Your App Activity

Google Announces New Feature To Auto-Delete Your App Activity

It is known that Google keeps track on your location history and a log of the web sites you visit in chrome and apps you use. By keeping a track of the location history, the company can recommend a nearby restaurant or whatever you searche on it. Allowing the company access to your personal data makes other Google apps more useful to you.

Some users find it difficult to share information with the company. So Google now introduced a new tool which will allow users to manage or delete their data automatically.

You can already manage this data using your Google Account.

Go to your Android phone Settings > Accounts > your Gmail address > Google Account > Manage your data and personalization

From there you can opt-out of Web & App Activity, Location History, Voice & Audio Activity, Device Information, and YouTube Search History.

Click on the section titled Manage your activity controls to stop Google from tracking your use of Chrome and other apps.

Here how this new feature of Google works:

This feature will allow you to select how long you want Google to save your data. To use this feature user have to choose the time limit for how long their activity data to be saved. You can choose to save it for 3 months, 18 months or until your data is manually deleted. If you select 3 months or 18 months, then any data older than the option you select gets automatically deleted.

This feature is launching for location history, as well as for web and app activity. It also includes your chrome browsing history, your notification history, the Google Maps, apps you used.

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