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Facebook Announced To Add "Shopping Feature" To Whatsapp

Facebook Announced To Add "Shopping Feature" To Whatsapp

In the future soon you will be able to shop online through the WhatsApp mobile app itself. Recently Facebook has announced its biggest redesign in a decade as well as a series of new features at F8, the company's annual conference held in San Jose, California.

Its chief executive Mark Zuckerberg talks about the way to improve whatsapp for businesses and trying to change the experience while chatting with companies. We would have to wait to shop directly through whatsapp. Facebook is now allow companies to add a catalogue of products within whatsapp chats.

After adding this feature whatsapp users are able to see a business catalogue within whatsapp when chatting with a company. With this feature businesses can showcase their goods so that people can easily find them. Facebook is expected to quickly add more business features like these as we get closer to WhatsApp payments that are officially launched.

We have a test that is running in India for WhatsApp (payments) now, we're hoping to launch in several other countries at some point, but I don't want to put a timeframe on that here, but it's something that we're actively working on," said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO.

Facebook has shown great interest in helping companies connect with potential customers. In addition to WhatsApp, Facebook is also looking for ways to boost businesses in their Messenger application. Facebook will also add an appointment experience so that users will soon be able to book an appointment with the companies within the messenger application.

In the F8 conference, Facebook also announce that it is adding lead generation templates to Ads Manager. This feature will help businesses to create an ad in order to learn more about their customers.

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