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8 Mobile Apps To De-Stress And Boost Your Mental Health

8 Mobile Apps To De-Stress And Boost Your Mental Health

8 Mobile Apps to De-Stress and Boost Your Mental Health

Growing pile of files on your desk, kids becoming rude, life partner not paying attention to you, or the uncertainty in life - No matter what adds to your stressful life, there are various apps to help you out.
Yes, you read it right. Mobile applications, that are declared as the real culprit behind the distractions and stress in our lives, are highly useful for making an impactful yet positive change in our lives. Integrated with the cutting-edge technologies, these apps are able to understand our situation and provide the ultimate solutions. If you have any doubt to this point, here are some examples to clear clouds of stress and worries from your mind:



Headspace is one of the top Health and Fitness apps that provides you with a comprehensive solution for changing sleep pattern, distraction and other such mental health issues. The app employs meditation and mindful techniques for clearing your head. It renders a personal guide to let you know when to relax and when to take a break from your daily chores. The app also features motivational quotes and games to tackle stress and other such concerns in an engaging manner.

SAM (Self-Help Anxiety Management)

If you suffer from anxiety and freak out unexpectedly, download this app today itself. The mobile application asks a few questions from the user and on the basis of the information gained, it evaluates and provides various relaxation and anti-anxiety tips and methods. Besides, the app also has an online community where users can interact with others and get access to additional useful techniques.

White Noise

If noise distracts you from performing at your highest peak in the office or at home, White House is the right application for you. From the sound of a rain shower to that of an oscillating fan, the app offers 40+ freely available sounds and hundreds for downloading to provide you with a calm environment. Give it a try today itself!


You might have heard somewhere that deep breathing is the optimal solution to overcome stress and fears. What do you really know the technique of deep breathing? If not, get this app now!
The Breathe2Relax app, unlike other relaxations app, focuses on stress reduction via breathing. The app provides an in-depth guide to properly inhaling and exhaling air and get control over your mental stress. And the best part is that the application is completely free to use on smartphones and tablets.

The Worry Box

Ever thought to have a box where you could lock all your worries and live a happier life? If yes, then this is your ‘dream come true’ application. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy technique, the app is seen as a proven method to cope up with your worries, stress and get control back in your life. It provides a virtual box where you can keep all your worries. Besides, it also offers relaxation audios and articles to help you understanding if your worry is worth spending efforts or not, and if it is manageable or not, and at the end, learn how Cognitive technology can make you feel better.


Happify is another great app to have on your mobile screen. The mobile application is based upon emotional health and focuses on five things - Empathizing, Giving, Thanking, Aspiring, and Savoring. The app asks users a few questions using which it provides easy and impactful tips, exercises and resources. The app includes several activities, quizzes and games with which you can easily achieve your mental state goal. One such activity is to list down three significant victories of the day. When you write down those three achievements, you feel proud and positive, and thus, your stress lowers down to some extent.
85% of app users find it effective, what do you find it effective? Use app today to get an answer.

7 Minute Workout

The workout is a considerable method to declutter stress elements and refresh your mind, but are we all able to hit the gym and workout? Being a part of a mobile app development startup, I know how hectic our daily schedules go. And so, I recommend this app to all. The 7-minute workout mobile application lets you go through seven minutes of intense workout with which you regain your energy and rejoice your life.

My Mood Tracker

Also known by the name ‘T2 Mood Tracker’ on Android, this iOS app is the best choice for you, if you go through a rollercoaster of mood swings. The app tracks your moods every hour and keeps a record of many other related things like sleep, pain, exercise, energy, etc. Based on the information, it makes a graph representing the change in your life pattern and thus, helps you track your emotional state throughout. Besides, the application also renders service of taking detailed notes and setting reminders.

Which among the above-mentioned mobile apps you tried and found effective? Or are there any applications that you find good enough to be added to this list?

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