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Apps to Keep Your Wholesale Business Running Smoothly

Apps to Keep Your Wholesale Business Running Smoothly

A lot of business owners like yourself are often doing business development too, traveling frequently to meet customers, suppliers and being physically away from your employees and business operations.

Of course, having a great team to sell and manage things is important but these tools can make them better and more efficient. Plus you get visibility on your business while you’re traveling!

So liberate yourself from your office desk and check out apps  that guarantees the smooth running of your wholesale business


If you run a wholesale and commodity trading business, EMERGE App is a must-have in your inventory management toolbox.

End-to-end workflow inventory management is provided by a customer, product, vendor, sales, purchases, and more. It semi-automates your workflow while integrating all members of the team and it gives you a clear overview of each other's activities.

Some cool and essential tools include sophisticated price lists, FIFO stock assessment and automatic land cost calculation!

In addition, user access at multiple levels determines which employee has access to the correct information.

Having an all-in-one web application for inventory management helps you not only manage your team remotely, but also reduce costs and increase profits.

Best of all, a single user plan with limited controls is completely free to use - forever.

Check out their pricing plans here:


A team can use this to communicate and stay on top of what’s going on with all of their different clients and projects. Slack work best when you create your channels in a simple way in other to make it easy to find things and also keep your conversations organized. Example of this is when we create channel with slack per client. One will be centered on internal marketing and the other for projects done internally. This gives room for easy accessibility of information. Making  your team know where to search for a document for a particular project or were to start a conversation in respect to a particular project.


Asana is used mainly for all task management, it keeps the office running , project managers has the ability to set it up in a Agile Project Management format alongside with an implementation board for the present week, with the ability to list all clients backlog tasks. At the beginning of each day , every team member checks their task list in order to know their task for the day. No hassle or time wasted trying to figure out the next task.


SAP is the largest ERP / Distribution software company in terms of market share. Their greatest strength is their inventory management and reporting functionality. The system will integrate inventory, sales, marketing and e-commerce into a fully integrated front office system.

Users are able to manage orders, track inventory and control the procurement process with full access to real-time data in all warehouses and sales channels. There is an option for users to access and interact with this data remotely anytime and from any device.

Other features include customer self-service, customer reporting, and social media support. The software is able to integrate with a wide range of other software systems and applications.
SAP offers a variety of products and pricing models based on your size and needs.

The only weakness that was mentioned was the CRM capabilities. Although they have CRM features, they are not as sophisticated as those of some other vendors.


Oracle is the second largest supplier in terms of market share. They do not suffer from the CRM weakness described above following the acquisition of Siebel, the CRM specialist. The other strengths of the Oracle system are the management of reports, finances and human capital.

Oracle applications enable organizations to effectively manage their distribution, supply chain, manufacturing, inventory management and fleet.

The system is very intuitive and solid on the analysis. It is also flexible and highly customizable.
Infor ERP for distribution

Microsoft Dynamics

In the typical Microsoft style, they built the strength of their offer largely through the acquisition of a number of specialized software companies, including Axapta (now Dynamics AX), Great

Plains and Navision. Make no mistake, it was a solid strategy because all were leaders in their specialties and bringing them all together, they built a solid platform that has good features and many strengths.

The system is very user-friendly and piquant on data tracking. Other applications include supply chain management, manufacturing planning, human resources management, financial management, business intelligence, after-sales service and IT management.

They have very flexible offerings, some of which allow you to select the specific applications and modules required, and there is a multitude of third-party applications from ISVs that can be incorporated if needed.

Their customer support and training is also highly appreciated.

The above mentioned software's are capable of managing distribution companies of all sizes, from the single distribution center to the multi-warehouse, a geographically dispersed organization with multiple suppliers and multiple markets.

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