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The Spread of Interactive Whiteboards in Classrooms

The Spread of Interactive Whiteboards in Classrooms

The Spread of Interactive Whiteboards in Classrooms

Interactive whiteboards are suitable for use by people who are thinking of buying a device that will improve their classroom, help in delivering concepts easy, and make learning a smoother, efficient process. Interactive touchscreens come with interactive displays, and pre-installed software needed for its proper functioning as well as training options for new users or teachers.

Below are the functions, features, and usability of Interactive Whiteboards: 

  • A large range of input terminals are available for videos, this feature allows analog and digital input video signals. 
  • The whiteboard itself is durable and resistant to damage by impacts. The body of the whiteboard is crack and scratch resistant. The panel glass covering the board provides more roughness and increases durability. This physical safety enables up to hundreds and thousands of usage periods. 
  • The interactive whiteboards can mount onto walls in landscape mode, horizontally, or in portrait mode, vertically. These modes are possible with the help of a stationary stand, a wall mounted bracket or pedestal. 
  • All the information going into the interactive whiteboard is monitored, and if there are many users, the settings adjustable to ensure that only authorized personnel to have the ability to change information saved in the interactive whiteboard memory. 
  • The interactive whiteboards are equipped with many energy efficient, and energy saving mechanisms. They decrease the energy consumption of the technology, making it eco-friendly. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it increases the lifespan of the whiteboard. 
  • In addition to being eco-friendly due to low energy consumption, it contains no mercury or lead. This means it does not accumulate dangerous materials in the environment. 
  • This new interactive whiteboard can be a replacement for old projector systems. They are longer lasting and reliable.
  • There is a wide range of optical displays to choose. 
  • These interactive whiteboards provide optimum sound quality as well as a large range of mounting options, to accommodate changes in the classroom over a long period. 

Interactive whiteboards are not only useful in classrooms but are also useful in the entertainment and advertisement industry. They are great as interactive walls to promote a movie, product, or service. Interactive whiteboards, in the form of interactive displays, are present in movies, at bus stops, and waiting areas at train stations.

Various enterprises have incorporated interactive touchscreens into their marketing strategies. This increases customer satisfaction and the overall customer- business interaction. However, it does not stop there, with advancing technology in the interactive whiteboard category, businesses and organizations find newer implementations of the interactive touchscreens.

Features of Technologically Advanced Interactive Whiteboards: 

  • Increased accuracy and precision when using a pointer or other input devices.
  • Decreased lag time. Faster actions. 
  • Increased reliability and functionality. 
  • Will not randomly shut down during a session. 
  • Very durable. Makes it suitable for use by a large number of users. 
  • Work well even if there is a lot of usage. 
  • Enables usage of multiple input devices. This allows the interactive whiteboard to enable more interaction on the screen between multiple users. This is suitable for meetings and conferences. 

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