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Best To- Do List Apps For Android Collaborations

Best To- Do List Apps For Android Collaborations

Completing group projects is no easy task. It requires much more than merely being a team player. Further, the risk of fall out among the members due to lack of clarity also looms over.

All such problems are not at all challenging to resolve in this tech-powered era mainly when users are available with to-do list apps that help them keep track of what collaborators on a particular project are doing. These apps are the perfect example of how technology can help people manage their tasks individual and organizational jobs rather than being a waste of time.
Let’s have a look at the best to-do list apps for Android that users can look for group projects and organizational work.

1. Trello

Trello tops the list for best to do list Android apps for collaborations due to its unique card system. Small business owners who can’t afford to hire the managerial staff can use Trello to assign tasks, divide them into in-progress, completed, under-review tasks and set deadlines for them. Trello allows team leads and owners know what their subordinates, team members, and employees are doing. An astonishing feature of this app is that it enables sharing of task files. Further, users can also add tasks and elaborate them with the help of notes. Briefly, Trello is a complete tech solution to assist collaborators working on various projects.

2.  Asana

What makes Asana stand distinguished among its peers is its ability to allow flexible changing of tasks and their deadlines by the latest plans and ideas. Such an arrangement is not the app’s direct feature, but its user’s interface is designed to facilitate this process. On Asana there is a discussion forum kind of arrangement on a side panel, where all the team members can discuss their progress and give their input on tasks. Therefore, if they ever decide to make changes, then it is easy for them to incorporate those changes as they remain in the view.
Apart from this distinguishing feature, Asana also allows the creation of to-do lists, assigning tasks and setting of the deadlines.

3. Wunderlist

Here is another to-do list app for Android that facilitates collaborations. But, it is not necessarily for organizations but youngsters and students. Wanderlust’s free version allows up to 25 users for cooperation on a project, that is one can share to-do lists and task sheets with 25 other users. The app has features that allow sharing of files and uploading of pictures. It also provides team members or collaborators to comment on any task and leave their input. Wunderlist is ideals for students who work together on a university project in a systematic manner.

4. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is an updated version of Wunderlist that also offers additional cross-platform support. The app also allows for writing notes, giving suggestions and uploading of the files. It might be tricky for collaborations, but the end its Wunderlist like features can indeed save the time.
Tip: There are many to-do list apps for Android, but it is better to look at the features that fulfill the needs in the best manner.

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