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How To Add Blank Pages To a PDF Document

How to Add Blank Pages to a PDF Document

How To Add Blank Pages To a PDF Document

When it comes to storing and sharing information, no file format dominates the corporate world quite
like the PDF (Portable Document Format). All of us can agree that PDFs are great because the
content  they contain can be viewed in exactly the same way on any device and operating system.
However, there’s also the other, darker side of dealing with the format-- editing those stubborn PDFs.
Depending on what modifications you have to make to the document, you may dread that PDF file
sitting on your desktop.
Imagine you have to add new content to an old business report before presenting it to  company
shareholders. Not an easy task to achieve. Unless you have a PDF tool that is capable of adding
blank pages and adding  content to them.
Here at IGadgetware, we know how important a PDF tool is to anyone's day-to-day document
operations. So we’ve looked for a tool that could  add blank pages to PDF documents and perform
other editing tasks. Good news-- we found one!
Let us introduce you to Able2Extract Professional, PDF creator, converter & editor.
Able2Extract is an all-in-one PDF solution capable of more than just editing PDF documents, however,
for the purpose of this article, we’ll show you one particular feature-- inserting blank PDF pages to a
Follow along and we’ll show you how to do it hassle-free.

Step 1 - Open the PDF

Run Able2Extract Professional and open the PDF document you want to add a new page to.

You can do this either by clicking on the Open icon located in the top left corner or using the
CTRL + O keyboard shortcut.

Step 2 - Switch to PDF editor

Switch from PDF conversion to PDF editing mode.
Click on the Edit icon located at the toolbar or hit the CTRL + J keyboard shortcut. The  PDF editing
panel will then appear on the right side of the screen.

Step 3 - Insert a blank page

Now, all you need to do is to add as many pages as you want and where you want them. Let’s say
that we need to add a new page between the 9th and 10th page of our example PDF document,
here’s how to do it.
Click on the Insert button in the Pages menu and an Insert Blank Pages dialog box will appear.
Here you need to specify two values:
  • Before Page: input where you want to add a new page (for example, if you want to add it
between page 9 and 10 set the value at 10)

Note: If you want to add the page(s) at the end of the PDF document set the Before Page value to
“End of Document”
  • Pages Count: input the number of blank pages you want to add

In addition to the adding blank PDF pages feature, Able2Extract Professional has a myriad of other
editing functionalities you can use to further customize your PDF documents.
You can use them to add new textual and visual content, modify the already existing content , or create and modify interactive form fields and pages. The developer offers a 7-day free trial. If you’re interested in giving Able2Extract a test run you can download it from their website.

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